Half Eternity Ring: Symbol Of Everlasting Love

Half Eternity Ring Symbol Of Everlasting Love


Half Eternity Ring: The History, Meaning, And Explanation

An ultimate epitome of romance, symbolizing everlasting love, devotion, and lifelong commitment between couples, half eternity ring has been given for many years by loved ones celebrating special occasions.

Also known as infinity rings, these rings are precious metal bands adorned with a continuous line of glittering moissanite diamonds. If you are wondering for a way to show your beloved how much they mean to you, an eternity band ring is a perfect pick, undoubtedly. 

You may have heard of eternity rings or bands, but are still not sure what they are or what they represent, do not worry. We are here to help. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the true meaning, history, and significance of gifting this beautiful ring to your special ones.

True Meaning of Half Eternity Ring

Half eternity rings or bands hold just as much meaning as any engagement or wedding ring because it is as much a promise of love and forever commitment.

Another symbolic significance of this ring is that it perfectly depicts never-ending love and devotion with no beginning or end. Eternity ring designs represent the circle of life, and for this reason, they are given when a couple welcomes their first child.

There are two types of infinity rings – the full eternity and the half eternity ring. The full eternity ring possesses glistening moissanite diamonds around the entire band, whereas, with the half one, only part of the ring is set with stones.

Although it is not always practical to have moissanite diamonds encircling the entire ring, the stones only cover the top portion of an eternity ring. Such rings are called half eternity and hold the same sentiment as an eternity ring.

The History Behind Eternity Ring

The history of half eternity rings as well as full eternity rings can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian times when husbands gifted rings to their wives as a symbol of never-ending love. The Egyptian belief in an eternity ring for women meant that their marriage was expected to last a lifetime and would even continue in the afterlife.

However, the eternity rings as we know them today were popularized in the 1960s targeting married couples, and are popularly known as eternity rings for couples.

Eternity Rings: When Do You Give Them?

An eternity ring or half eternity ring is majorly given as a gift, often to celebrate a milestone in a marriage or romantic relationship. It has become a very common tradition these days to gift an eternity ring on major anniversary celebrations and other significant occasions.

Some of the other occasions where you can prefer gifting and eternity bands are:

  • Special birthday celebration
  • Valentine’s day
  • Child Birth
  • Exciting milestone celebration
  • Festive occasions
  • Retirements

For more details check the durability of moissanite diamonds

Which Eternity Ring Design Styles Should You Choose?

There are several element factors to consider when choosing an eternity ring. But before you head on band type, shapes, and settings, you should consider whether you prefer a full or half eternity ring.

  • Full Eternity Rings

This ring style has diamonds or gemstones encrusted in a continuous line around the entire band. Full eternity rings are considered one of the most traditional types, with unbroken circles of moissanite representing everlasting love. They offer a luxurious design and impressive sparkle but before purchasing, be mindful that they are difficult to resize and must match the wearer’s size exactly.

  • Half Eternity Rings

Half eternity ring styles feature a line of moissanite or gems on the top face of the ring while the bottom part is pure metal. This design style is often chosen because it is more comfortable and less heavy for daily wear.

Eternity ring price may vary depending on various factors that need to be considered, such as 4Cs, ring styles, settings, shapes, and much more.

When choosing an eternity ring or half eternity ring for someone special, the most important thing to consider is their taste and persona. At Bhumi Gems we offer a large selection of beautiful eternity rings that are perfect for expressing romantic gestures and expression of never-ending love.

No matter what type of setting, design, and shape you choose for your beloved, an eternity ring will surely symbolize the ultimate power to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of your life together. We will help you live that forever together!

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