5 Tips To Pick Moissanite Wedding Bands That Complement An Engagement Ring

5 Tips to Pick a Moissanite Wedding Band That Complements Engagement Ring


Moissanite Wedding Bands to Complement an Engagement Ring

So, you finally said yes, and now you are hunting for the perfect moissanite wedding bands that will complement your engagement ring. A wedding band has to enhance the aesthetics and design of an engagement ring, not pull it downwards.

Wedding bands should reflect your personality and your love for your partner, whether flat rings without glitz and glam or exclusive dazzling pieces.

Your man generally selects the engagement ring. However, you have the opportunity to choose unique wedding bands that will amplify and add a dash of charisma to your engagement ring. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of choices and designs if you want to enhance your finger.

Most rings that are complex in design are sometimes challenging to find complementing wedding bands. We are here to provide you with 5 helpful tips to help you purchase the wedding bands of your dreams.

Tips To Purchase the Perfect Moissanite Wedding Bands 

Struggling to buy the perfect wedding bands for couples? No need to worry, as we are here to help you with some mind-blowing tips that will make your shopping a bit easier.

1. Become familiar with the various types of wedding bands available

The first step is quite obvious if you are searching for something; research forms an essential part of this process. You can do your research online through blogs or go to stores to learn about the options available in the market.  

To make things easy for you, we mention some of the popular wedding band designs available to you.

Open wedding band – These wedding bands leave a space between the ends and do not entirely close. They highlight the center stones, especially when their elevation is too low.

Straight wedding band – It is the most popular wedding bands famous for being paired with pave-band or halo rings. They also look pretty spectacular with solitaire rings.

Curved wedding band – Unlike most wedding bands, this type curves around the engagement ring rather than sitting flush against it.

2. Discuss with your ring designer

You’re likely to know what type of wedding band will match your engagement ring if your designer designed it specifically for you. Even if you did not go for a designer, you can still ask for an expert’s opinion about the type of moissanite wedding bands you should go for.

It is quite common that people can get confused and an expert opinion can help them choose the perfect band for their big day. You can also choose from our wide selection of moissanite engagement rings for couples.  

3. Choosing the same width for both the moissanite wedding bands and engagement ring

An excellent tip for you is to match the width of the engagement ring and the wedding band as much as possible to make it look visually appealing.

This tip might not be very useful if the engagement ring that you are wearing is quite wide. It might be too bulky and heavy to wear a set with both an engagement ring and a wedding ring that is too wide and big.

4. Choose a simple wedding band with an extravagant engagement ring and vice-versa

It is important to maintain a balance between wedding bands and engagement rings.

Consider simpler wedding bands if you have a bold, elaborate engagement ring, like a large crossed band or multiple rows of halo rings. Alternatively, if you are wearing subtle and light engagement rings such as single-rowed pave rings or light eternity rings, you can choose ‘over-the-top’ wedding bands.

Similarly, if your engagement ring is crafted with clear and transparent diamonds, you should consider adding a dash of color to your vintage wedding bands. It will make them look extra fancy and modern. A solitaire ring with a thin band also goes perfectly with a large eternity wedding band.

5. Go for a matching metal

It is considered an ideal match if both the engagement ring and moissanite wedding bands are made of the same metal. This will mean that you will pair a rose gold engagement ring with a rose gold engagement band and so on.

It is important for you to note that you should not pair platinum with gold. Platinum is a denser metal and thus it will wear down the gold ring.

However, with a gold ring, you have a wide variety of options to play with color. Also, a combination of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold looks quite spectacular and stunning.

Moissanite wedding bands need not be trendy or glamorous, they just have to be ones you would love to wear every day. You should now be able to make an informed decision about the wedding band that complements your engagement ring after reading all these tips. Happy shopping!

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