Moissanite engagement rings for couples

Moissanite Diamonds – Perfect Choice For Couples On A Budget

How To Budget Your Engagement Rings?

We congratulate you on finding the love of your life! Now all you need is a ring that will express your feelings of commitment and respect. The diamond is the most widely used stone, almost synonymous with love. But not everyone can afford this piece of luxury. It is hard to find a ring that does not burn a hole in your pocket and, at the same time, is loved by your partner. While some couples meet their budget expectations by going for colored gemstones, your partner may like something white and traditional. (White is perfect (duh!.) So, if you are looking for a superior-quality, white-colored ring, you should choose Moissanite.

When you start choosing your ideal moissanite engagement rings, the first thing that you should decide is how much you are willing to spend. The next thing you should have clear about is what your partner is looking for in her ring. Is she looking for an elegant and sophisticated design? Is she looking for solitaire or a pear-shaped ring? Have a clear idea about your partner’s desires and wants and accordingly decide what you can buy on your budget! Once you have decided how much you are willing to spend on your engagement ring, it is vital to stick to it.

Moissanite diamond rings are available at a much lesser price than diamond rings. You need to understand that the less money you spend on engagement rings, the more is available for your wedding. Heck! You do not even have to take on debts. Starting this journey on a good note is vital because you do not want to squander your money on extravagant things. The Perfect Proposal Rings made of Moissanite emit a brilliant shine and radiance. They are not cheap imitations but look as alluring as diamonds.   

Moissanite Diamonds – The Most Sought-After Option

Simple engagement rings made of Moissanite are the most popular option among couples. Any jewelry lover who is looking for something affordable as well as sophisticated goes for moissanite gemstones. But if you are new to the world of Moissanite, let me tell you why you should get this piece of elegance –

Socially And Environmentally More Sustainable Than Diamonds –

The industry of diamond has long been infamous for its mining practices and exploitation of cheap labor. Moissanite that occurs naturally on earth is very rare, and not a great volume of them is available to us. Thus, whatever Latest Designs Of Moissanite Rings you are wearing today are grown in laboratories. Lab made Moissanite is composed of silicon and carbon. And you know the best news? The chemical properties of natural and lab grown moissanite are identical. Thus, you won’t be wearing some cheap gemstones.

As our new generation is stepping up towards using more ecologically-friendly products in every sphere of our lives, the popularity of Moissanite is also rising. We are changing our definitions of beauty and what we value.

Moissanite Costs Less Than Diamonds

One of the most brilliant facts about buying silicon carbide stones is they cost less than diamonds. One should not interpret the less price of the stone as a “cheap knock-off” version of the diamond. More so, it contains all the attributes of a diamond (and more!). The silicon carbide stone gives you all the desirable properties of diamond without the huge price tag!

Diamonds can also be made in labs, but the process is much more expensive than silicon carbide stone. Our ability to grow silicon carbide stone in a reliable, consistent, and cost-effective environment is less complicated and affordable. It is available at 1/10th the price of a natural diamond.

Excellent Color And Brilliance

The silicon carbide stone has a high dispersion value and refractive index. The two fancy terms ‘dispersion value’ and ‘refractive index’ measures how much light is reflected in the gemstone’ cut. The silicon carbide stone is very popular for its fiery brilliance and radiance. In brilliance and radiance, it even surpasses diamonds.

Its Durability And Strength

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of diamonds is their durability and strength. If you properly keep your diamond, it can last forever and can withstand regular wear and tear. One can even pass down diamonds to future generations. The silicon carbide stone is as hard as a diamond.

When you measure its hardness on a Mohr scale, the score of silicon carbide comes between 9.25 – 9.5. The score of the diamond is a perfect 10. Although the score of silicon carbide is less than that of diamond, it is equally hard and durable.

Types Of Engagement Rings Available

Round – round engagement rings are chosen by couples who want something elegant and graceful at their wedding. They can be easily studded in a wedding band or an existing ring. Couples who want to go for a traditional look should definitely opt for a round engagement ring.

Oval – the versatility of an oval engagement ring has gained them a lot of popularity. It can be studded in a standalone piece or used as a center stone. An oval engagement ring is perfect for a solitaire setting or if you prefer some other setting.

Pear – the shape of a pear ring looks like a raindrop. It is the most graceful and alluring style in engagement rings. The pear shape is gaining a lot of attention and is one of the most trending shapes of 2022.

The silicon carbide moissanite bracelet  is environmentally sound and is feasible for people on a budget. The brilliant shine and radiance of the ring will add a million-dollar shine to your wedding day. Please go and check out our collection of engagement rings today!

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