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Loose Moissanite Diamonds

Fine Jewelry Collections Made with Moissanite Loose Gemstones are Endless

What Moissanite Diamonds ?

It must be very difficult for you to choose which loose moissanite diamonds to buy due to the availability of so many options. Given the intricate details and curves of moissanite loose diamonds, you always have benefits when choosing moissanite over diamonds. Loose moissanite diamonds are also available in various colors and tints. Moissanite diamonds are so close to real diamonds that you need special equipment to distinguish between both. The rarity of loose moissanite diamonds is not a problem anymore. Advanced technology and science have made it possible to produce moissanite diamonds in labs that are as good as natural ones. Sit down with your soon-to-be bride and discuss your loose moissanite fine jewelry choices. You might even begin a new trend by proposing to your girlfriend in this manner.

Read till the end to find everything you need to know about moissanite loose diamonds!

Will Your Loose Moissanite Diamonds Last? 

Moissanite diamonds are budget-friendly compared to diamonds, but it is also just as durable as diamonds. Loose moissanite diamonds are the most durable substances on earth. With a 9.25 rating on Mohr’s scale, moissanite diamonds are the second hardest substance on earth after diamond. (The rating of the diamond is 10 on Mohr’s scale). With such a high rank on Mohr's scale, it is extremely resistant to wear and tear. If you plan to wear your engagement ring daily, loose moissanite diamonds are your ideal choice due to their resistance to scratch and chips.

Do Moissanite Diamonds Get Cloudy?

Some gemstones appear in a milky-white haze, giving a cloudy look after a certain period. The ‘cloudy’ look in the gemstone is due to the build-up of dirt, oils, and grime after using it every day. However, this is not the case with Moissanite diamonds. Loose moissanite diamonds are extremely scratch-resistant and will not be damaged by dirt. The dirt and grime will only collect on the stone's surface, which one can easily clear if it ever happens. 

Your moissanite diamond will not remain clean after using it every day. Dirt and oil will stick to the surface of your ring, which will dull its sparkle. To clean your moissanite, fill your bowl with hot water and liquid soap. Soak your ring in the mixture of liquid and soap and gently scrub your ring with a toothbrush. Your moissanite diamond will become brand new again. The cleaning will restore the shine and sparkle of the moissanite.

What Is Diamond Testing?

Trained professionals identify loose Moissanite diamonds through their brilliant fire and shine. However, some professional gemological equipment is needed to differentiate between diamond and moissanite. A Diamond Tester was initially introduced to differentiate between natural and fake diamonds in the jewelry market. One did the diamond testing by measuring the heat conductivity of gemstones. Diamonds are excellent conductors of heat. This distinctive feature of diamonds helped in the easy identification of natural diamonds from faux diamonds.

Diamond Testing is not very successful when differentiating between moissanite and diamond. Just like natural diamonds, moissanite diamonds are good conductors of heat. A Diamond Tester tests the heat conductivity of gemstones therefore moissanite passes as a diamond. Since it only tests the thermal conductivity, a diamond tester will not be able to pick the difference between a moissanite and a diamond. Your loose moissanite diamonds will easily pass as real diamonds because they are good conductors of heat.

Is Loose Moissanite Diamonds Worth Buying?

Moissanite diamonds are very popular in Canada, the United States, and Europe. It has now started gaining popularity in Australia as well. The affordable price of moissanite diamonds and their durability and brilliant shine make them a favorite among couples. Compared to diamonds, loose moissanite diamonds are cheaper and within your means. They are less expensive, and while we are at it, they are also very eco-friendly and sustainable. Loose moissanite diamonds are made in labs. When they are made in labs, mining and physical labor costs get cut down. The elimination of mining and physical labor reduces the cost of loose moissanite diamonds, making them very budget-friendly. The lower cost of loose moissanite stones does not compromise their quality and authenticity. Bhumigems provide you with moissanite diamonds that are superior in quality and are very authentic.

The Hype About Diamonds Is (Not) True! 

Our society is made to believe that diamonds are associated with prestige, class, and self-worth through clever and persistent marketing techniques. Overwhelmed by romantic movies and magazines, we are conditioned to believe that diamond engagement rings are our only option. However, diamond engagement rings may not always be the most affordable option. Moissanite diamonds completely change the game of engagement rings. moissanite engagement rings are more durable than diamonds and are more sparkly and long-lasting.

 Since loose moissanite diamonds are made in labs, they have a minimal negative impact on the earth. They do not require any mining and unethical labor practices. With a hardness rate of 9.25-9.5, you need not worry about the chipping of your gemstone. And did I forget to mention? You can comparatively buy a bigger carat of Moissanite Diamonds at a much lesser price.

Moissanite diamonds give an appearance that is similar to diamonds. However, there are differences in moissanite diamonds' physical and chemical properties. When discussing physical properties, moissanite and diamonds have differences in chemical makeup, hardness, clarity, color, and brilliance. The Durability Of Moissanite Diamonds consists of silicon carbide, unlike diamonds which consist only of carbon. However, the sparkle and shine of moissanite stones are unparalleled. With their mystical origin, moissanite gemstones have gained popularity in recent years. The eco-friendly and ethical moissanite gemstones should be your go-to choice if you do not want to compromise on the quality on a limited budget. Please go and check our collection of loose moissanite diamonds today!