The Durability Of Moissanite Diamonds

The durability of moissanite diamonds


Say Forever With Moissanite Diamonds!

Finding the perfect moissanite diamonds takes so much time, which is why you should carefully invest in them.

It is quite obvious that you need to know that your investment is worthwhile and it is going to last forever. You should love your moissanite jewelry every day just as how you loved it on the day you bought it. A moissanite gemstone promises to give you the brilliant sparkle, aura, and durability that is going to last for many generations to come.

Since moissanite gemstones have been discovered, they have been considered the ultimate alternative for diamonds. Due to its significant lasting power and colorless appearance, it has an uncanny similarity with diamonds. Although similar in appearance, the properties and compositions of moissanite are quite different.

Due to its social responsibility, brilliance, and affordability, jewelry lovers around the world are increasingly questioning diamond industry standards. If you are wondering since moissanite is priced lower than a diamond, are they truly durable and strong?

Absolutely, yes! Let us find out why.

Moissanite Diamonds Durability and Hardness of Mineral

Apart from its beauty, one of the most promising features of a moissanite gemstone is its durability. Moissanite is considered the second hardest stone after diamond; thus, you never have to worry as you are investing for a lifetime.

Gemstone Name Scale Number
Diamond 10
Moissanite 9.25
Sapphire, Ruby 9
Cubic Zirconia, Alexandrite 8.5
Spinel, Topaz 8
Emerald, Aquamarine 7.5-8
Tourmaline, Amethyst 7-7.5
Moonstone, Tanzanite 6-6.5
Opal, Turquoise 5-6
Coral 3-4
Pearl 2.5
Amber 2-2.5
Talc 1

Jewelers all over the world use the Mohs scale to measure the scratch resistance and hardness of the stone. The Mohs scale ranges from 1 to 10, where 1 is the softest on the scale, and 10 is the hardest. When compared with diamonds (which scale on 10 in hardness), moissanite diamonds stay close at an impressive number of 9.25.   

As you can see from the chart, other popular stones, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are not as durable as moissanite. Thus, you can see that investing in the best moissanite diamonds is an affordable luxury and an outstanding alternative for diamonds.  

Chip and scratch resistance

When you invest in moissanite jewelry, you expect it to last for many years. And that means that the last thing you want is your jewelry to chip, break, or scratch. After all, you are looking for a “forever,” right? Moissanite diamonds are made to sustain everyday wear and tear for generations to come.

The 9.25 scale of hardness on the Mohs scale makes moissanite a highly durable and scratch-resistant stone.

Eternal Color, Clarity, And Brilliance

The impeccable color, clarity, and brilliance of the moissanite stone will not diminish with the passage of time. Jewelry lovers adorn the gemstone due to its radiant fire and unique brilliance. Everyone who is looking to add some spark and glam to their lives should go for Moissanite Diamond Jewelry.

In addition to the brilliant sparkle of the stone, the clarity and color of the moissanite are destined to last for many coming generations.


Let us explain the color grading of moissanite through a simple chart –









Near Colorless




Faint Yellow

If you are going for a fancy-colored, colorless, or near-colorless gem, the color will not dull or change over time as the stone’s color is permanent.


A remarkable quality of the moissanite is the exceptional clarity it possesses. In general, inclusions that are found in moissanite cannot be seen with the naked eye. 10x magnification is often required for them to be seen.

Also, moissanite does not really tend to get cloudy after a period of time. Daily oil and dirt build-up on the gemstone can give the appearance of a cloudy film. To keep the sparkle of your stone alive, we recommend you to weekly clean your gemstone and get it professionally cleaned once a year.


The brilliance of the moissanite gemstone can outshine all other precious stones. Actually, when it comes to “sparkle,” moissanite can surpass even diamonds. The primary reason behind this is that the refractive index of moissanite is 2.65, whereas, for diamonds, it is 2.42.   

In order to get more in-depth knowledge on how to make your moissanite last forever, you can check our blog, Care and cleaning guide of moissanite gemstone           

When you invest in precious stones, it is only natural to want a piece of jewelry that will last for a lifetime. In spite of its affordability, moissanite is durable and scratch-resistant, far exceeding your expectations. The moissanite’s quality and brilliance make it the ideal heirloom stone. Before sending you the final jewelry, Bhumi gems carefully inspect the stone to ensure that you receive something that will last for generations.

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