Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings Based On Your Partner’s Career

Choose moissanite engagement rings based on your partners career


Choosing Moissanite Engagement Rings For Your Partner

Engagement rings! Ah! The very name is enough for any girl to start dreaming about every romantic scenario she has seen in movies. The exquisite beauty, charm, and elegance of moissanite engagement rings will make any girl go gala for them.

Every movie or show we watch has influenced our minds to think giving an engagement ring is the epitome of commitment. And why should it not be? You are finally giving a ring to your partner as a symbol of lifetime respect, love, and happiness.

However, with the opportunity of buying an engagement ring comes an astronomical price tag that is not possible for everyone to afford. Thus, we want to introduce you to moissanite rings that have the brilliant charm of a diamond minus its price tag. Moissanite jewelry is economical and quite budget-friendly.

Now that we have covered moissanite rings, you must wonder what kind of ring you should select for your partner. The choices are immense, and there are so many designs to choose from. Also, there is this confusion about what kind of ring to choose as people now belong to different professions.

Read on till the end of the blog to find out what kind of ring you can choose for your partner depending on her work profession.

Moissanite Engagement Rings Based On Her Career

There are various things that you should take into consideration before deciding which kind of engagement ring you will choose for your partner. Besides the 4C’s, her professional career should also be considered before finalizing the ring. To know more details click on Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring.

Let us read on to find out the options available to you in your choices.


Their stature and respect are essential for people who are engaged in professional fields such as sales, finance, and real estate. They always want to showcase themselves as someone rich and successful. For such people, round-cut moissanite engagement rings or solitaire moissanite rings will be an appropriate choice.

The minimalistic design, which is a single large stone, gives the ring a refined, poised, and sophisticated appearance. Also, if she is working in the creative industry, you should go for rings made of unique designs. The extraordinary look of the ring will help her become a trendsetter in her field.

People working in the creative field are not afraid to experiment in fashion as they love to stand out from the crowd. Do not be afraid to choose engagement rings with a brilliant glow, as it looks quite glamorous.

Working With Hands

If your partner is in an industry where she has to use her hands, such as a chef, you should be careful while choosing the ring. The best moissanite engagement rings for people in such a profession is a ring that has a smooth surface.

Rings with a complicated or complex design will tend to trap dirt and debris. In these situations, you should avoid purchasing halo or pave-set rings or anything that is engraved or has the addition of gemstones.

Also, avoid selecting rings with upraised gemstones set on them as it will become problematic for them to wear gloves. You can choose a bezel set ring for your partner if she works in this field.

Working In High-Risk Fields

If your partner is a police officer or a firefighter, she always works in high-risk situations. In this case, you need to choose a ring that does not interfere with her job. Big solitaire engagement rings can be a huge distraction in this field.

You should avoid choosing rings that have been crafted with a big center stone. Try to choose discreet moissanite engagement rings. You can choose rings with a prong setting if her line of work is risky.

However, if you still want to go for big engagement rings, your partner can avoid wearing them in her workplace and stick to a simple wedding band.


A caretaker is someone who works as a daycare worker, teacher, nurse, or even a doctor. In all these professions, people tend to work in very close proximity. Thus, in all these professions, engagement rings with a bezel setting are perfect for her.

There are no sharp edges on a bezel setting; thus, the chances of someone getting hurt become negligible. When your girlfriend is a caregiver, you should avoid choosing a prong-setting since it will scratch against people.          

Desk Jobs

If your partner spends most of her time in front of a computer, you have the freedom to choose any kind of ring you want. You can choose anything from solitaire, and pear-shaped to the marquise cut rings. She does not have to worry about any scratches or any risks.

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