Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring: Comparing Cuts

choosing your moissanite engagement ring -comparing cuts


Moissanite Engagement Rings – A recent trend in the jewelry industry

Picking the perfect cut is your most important decision when choosing moissanite engagement rings. Contrary to popular belief, the cut of the moissanite refers to the proportions and symmetry of the stone’s facets. It does not point toward the shape of the stone.

The amount of light dispersed and reflected to create sparkle is greatly influenced by the number of facets and ratios on each stone. Here at Bhumi Gems, we offer different designs and styles to help you choose the perfect moissanite stone for your partner.

Choosing the perfect Moissanite Engagement Rings cut

Brilliant Round Cut

Brilliant Round Cut
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Designed in 1919 by a Belgian diamond cutter, Marcel Tolkowsky, the iconic round brilliant cut moissanite dates back over 100 years ago. This traditional round cut is made of 58 facets, thus making space for maximum light reflection. It has a brilliant fire, sparkle, and radiance.

The round cut is highly versatile; thus, it is no surprise that it is a classic and timeless style.

Cut grading – To ensure that the light does not reflect through the sides but instead through the diamonds, the height of the gemstone needs to be accurate. When this is achieved, the round cut’s sparkle appears phenomenal.

Oval Cut

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When choosing moissanite engagement rings cut, select the oval cut jewelry which is made of 70 facets, responsible for astonishing light-reflecting features. It has impressive brilliance, which gives the illusion of a larger stone. The perfect symmetrical shape gives a timeless yet modern style of elongating hands, thus creating a stunning look on the finger.

Cut grading – When the brilliant oval stone is cut correctly, it reflects light, thus giving the illusion of a larger stone than it already is. They make for an ideal centerpiece for moissanite rings, whether it is mounted in portrait or landscape.

Princess Cut

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Among the best moissanite shape, the stunning princess-cut moissanite ring looks effortlessly chic and perfectly square. It is the best choice for brides looking for bright, light, and glamorous moissanite engagement rings. This ring shape is made of 58 facets, dispersing light in all four corners creating a crushed ice effect. The princess cut ring will add an alluring touch to your jewelry collection.

First made in 1979 by Israel Itzkowitz, it has since become the second most popular cut among brides after the round-cut engagement rings. If we were to describe a princess cut, it is square from above and beneath, pyramid shape from the sides, and has a chic and modern style.

Cut grading – Since it has the most significant number of pyramid shapes and facets, it is one of the most popular cuts if you are looking for a dazzling ring. The light gets dispersed in all four corners, thus intensifying the square shape and giving a mesmerizing shine.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut
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This moissanite brilliant cut is similar to a modern princess cut coupled with the timeless curve of the oval cut ring. Depending on the choice of the setting, any woman can get a contemporary or vintage feel by wearing this classic cushion cut jewelry.

In addition to being larger in size, this cut is made of 82 facets. The cut of the ring allows more light to enter, which then splits into spectacular colors, thus creating a rainbow effect when it catches the light. In terms of shape, it is square with rounded corners on top and bottom and cone-shaped on the sides.

Cut grading – The cushion-cut moissanite engagement rings have a larger number of facets when compared to round and oval cuts. As a result, more white light can be split into its spectral colors, giving it that glamorous rainbow effect when it catches the light.

Pear Cut 

Pear cut
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The traditional style pear cut moissanite ring has an intense glow. This elegant cut is timeless and dazzling and is one of the most popular choices among brides. The unique shape of this cut makes it an ideal choice for stacking it over wedding bands or moissanite engagement rings.

The pear cut ring is made of 72 facets and helps to elongate the appearance of your fingers.

Cut grading – Like an oval cut, the pear cut possesses a bowtie effect. When this cut has an accurate ratio and depth, it can glow intensely. From above and below, it resembles a teardrop (rounded at one end, pointed at the other), and from the side, it looks like an elongated cone.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut
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The main feature of the radiant cut moissanite engagement rings is their radiant shine. It is rectangular in shape from above with cut and stepped corners. Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have chosen beautiful Radiant cuts, similar to emerald and princess cuts.

Mastered in 1977, the radiant cut is a modern design that captures the sparkle of the modified round cut in a simple square design. It is made of 54 facets and is the perfect choice for engagement rings.

Cut grading – The facets of the radiant cut and its stepped design makes it an astonishing design out of all the square cuts. A radiant gemstone is far more adaptable than a princess or emerald cut due to its radiant shine.

Bhumi Gems produces ethical moissanite gemstones in laboratories that are superior in quality and authentic in design. You can also check our blog, Best engagement ring designs for 2022, to get a more in-depth idea about our designs.  

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