Difference between Moissanite rings and diamond rings

difference between moissanite rings and diamond rings

A sneak peek into the history of moissanite rings

The origin of a moissanite gemstone is quite interesting. While this stone is now extensively used in making moissanite rings, it is a relatively new term in the jewelry world.

The beginning of Moissanite dates back to 1893, first discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan. He found the gem in a crater caused by the meteorite in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. Dr Moissan was initially mistaken as he thought he had discovered diamonds due to their striking similarity. Both diamond and Moissanite offer stunning brilliance with an almost glass-like appearance.

Over the years, the natural formation of moissanite gemstone became very rare. However, this stone’s beauty and exceptional brilliance were something that innovative minds could not ignore. Thus, a company name CREE started working on a process to manufacture this gemstone in laboratories.

Until 1995, moissanite diamonds were too large to be used in making jewelry. But a team of diamond cutters, Charles & Colvard, and scientists from CREE bought this gemstone into the beautiful world of jewelry.

Nowadays, Moissanite has become the favorite alternative for people who cannot afford the astronomical price tag of diamonds.

Moissanite rings are now the latest fashion trend among women and brides who want to look exceptionally brilliant but do not want to break their budget.

How to spot the difference between moissanite rings and diamond rings?

Both moissanite and diamond jewelry has a striking similarity in them. However, there are some differences between Moissanite and diamonds that will help you recognize them in the best possible manner.

Fire 0.044 0.104
Brilliance 2.42 2.65-2.69
Luster 17.20% 20.40%
Toughness Excellent Excellent
Hardness 10 9.25-9.50

Moissanite vs Diamonds – Which jewelry is more beautiful?   

This is the most frequently asked question: Do moissanite rings look more beautiful than diamond rings? There is no doubt that Moissanite is a convincing diamond clone. In fact, they appear so similar that jewelry experts use a “moissanite tester” to tell the difference between Moissanite and diamond.

So, to answer the question, in brief, both the jewelry looks exceptionally brilliant. Thus, when you buy Moissanite, you get the benefit of owning beautiful jewelry on a budget.

Hardness in diamond and moissanite jewelry

The Mohs hardness of Moissanite is 9.25, whereas, for a diamond, the Mohs hardness is 10. The scale ranging from 1 to 10 is used to determine the hardness of a gemstone where 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest.

Diamonds are the hardest known mineral on planet Earth as they are extremely resilient and durable. Diamond rings for women can easily withstand daily wear and tear and other damages.

Does that make Moissanite rings less durable? Absolutely no! You can say that Moissanite is more resilient than diamonds despite having a lower range of 9.25. Only minerals that are equal to or higher on the Mohs scale can scratch a moissanite gemstone. 

The difference in the size chart of Moissanite and diamonds

Like diamonds, Moissanite is also sold by the carat, but not all carats are equal in weight. A moissanite gemstone is approximately 15% lighter than diamonds. Thus, you can say that one-carat Moissanite will be bigger than a one-carat diamond. As a result, jewelry owners sell diamond substitutes such as Moissanite as per their measurements and not in carats.

Check out our blog Everything you need to know about moissanite diamond size chart to gain more in-depth knowledge about their size differences.

In addition to learning the difference between Moissanite carat size and diamond carat size, here are a few characteristics that distinguish Moissanite from diamond.

Moissanite and diamond appear very similar when looked at from a distance, particularly when they are set in a ring or any other piece of jewelry. However, when you look up close, certain features set them apart from each other.

Fire and Brilliance

When you look at Moissanite or a diamond, you will notice both fire and brilliance. Moissanite rings exhibit both these characteristics. However, there is an enhanced degree of fire than diamond. Thus, a moissanite gemstone can have a high degree of colored and white flashes.


A “classic” moissanite is generally brownish or yellowish in color. They may sometimes change color due to changes in lighting and thus may not appear colorless or transparent. However, you may purchase Moissanite between the range of G to I to get a “Near Colorless” stone. You can also get “colorless” between the range of D to F.

Thus, you have many options for choosing your favorite designs and styles.


Since moissanites are grown in laboratories, they do not contain significant clarity flaws like diamonds. They always appear eye-clean, unlike diamonds which might have visible imperfections.

Finding a diamond that is transparent, eye-clean, and devoid of any imperfections on a limited budget can be very difficult. But this is not the case with moissanite diamonds for women.

Moissanite rings appear clean, and perfect, without any inclusions; they also do not contain a heavy price tag, thus making it possible to remain on a budget.

Moissanite jewelry is your safest option if you want to look glamorous without breaking your bank. You can also read our Best affordable engagement rings under $500 to get an idea about our latest collection.

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