Top 5 tips for designing your own moissanite diamond jewelry

Top 5 tips for designing your own moissanite diamond jewelry

Is it hard to design your own moissanite jewelry?

Designing anything can be a daunting task if you are not an artist. Even if you are accustomed to designing, an individual still needs time to figure out the details. Thus, designing your own moissanite jewelry in your busy schedule may seem quite hectic.

Don’t worry; we are here to give you the top tips to design your customized jewelry quite easily.

You must be thinking about why to go for designing jewelry on your own when you have a plethora of options available to you. To make it easier, let’s simplify.

Most of our customers go for customized jewelry when they become frustrated with the same designs made available to them. Also, people who want to replicate their family heirlooms usually go for customization. Some people do not get their perfect wedding ring to match their engagement ring. Someone usually goes for customized moissanite wedding bands when they cannot find their perfect design and size.

There can be multiple reasons why people choose to design their own moissanite jewelry. Thus, Bhumi Gems is here to give you the perfect platform for this very purpose.

Tips to make a perfect customized moissanite jewelry

The primary thing you need while designing your jewelry is the ability to differentiate between what you like and what you don’t. You can select from our wide range of options when it comes to daily wear jewelry. However, fine moissanite jewelry is expensive. Thus, it would help if you get the worth of your investment.

Let us discuss the things you should keep in mind while designing your jewelry –

Take your time when designing your own ring

Before creating your own customized jewelry, be it moissanite bridal set to beautiful necklaces, make sure you do proper research. Make sure you find different things to help you in your journey. Let us go through each of the individual points.

  1. As you begin your journey, you might be confused about the choice of platform you wish to create your jewelry. It is quite true that various platforms are available, but they need to be authentic and 100% safe. Bhumi Gems provides you with exactly that. Our expert artisans understand your needs and demands and work persistently to give you the jewelry of your dreams. Please go through our policies and make an informed decision for yourself. We are sure that we won’t disappoint you in any manner!
  2. One has to keep in mind various patterns, varieties, trends, and designs while customizing moissanite jewelry. Thanks to our social media platforms, it has become very easy to do so! All the recent trends and fashion is now available on Instagram and Pinterest. You can also choose to recreate a family heirloom you have an emotional connection with.

Apart from this, one can also research various intricacies before designing their jewelry if they are interested. So why not create your own ring online today?

Consider your budget when making decisions.

Yes, it is vital to consider how much money one can allocate while designing jewelry. When designing a wedding ring for your big day, you obviously need to set a higher budget. You cannot expect a big moissanite stone on your jewelry with a relatively smaller budget. Thus, it is vital to consider how often one would wear the ring, its usage, and the occasion.

The higher the amount of your budget, the more extravagant your moissanite jewelry will be. Make sure you are keeping in mind the making charges of the jewelry. You are basically paying for the Jeweler’s skills and time.

Don’t rush to make a decision. Take your time

The most important advantage one enjoys while customizing their own moissanite jewelry is that they can do it at their own pace. You don’t have to hurry through the journey. As such, you should maximize the benefits of this situation.

For instance, when designing women moissanite rings or wedding rings, it is normal for any bride to be worried about running late. She might regret her decisions if she rushes through the journey and tries to do everything all at once. Every bride expects to have everything picture-perfect at her wedding. And a wedding ring is an essential part of the entire day. Thus, it would be best to start planning everything before a considerable amount of time. Do not rush through the process and plan everything very minutely.

Thus, you can avoid making any mistakes while opting for customized jewelry.

Have clarity on the type of metal you wish to have for your jewelry

If you are working on a budget or already has something on your mind, make sure that you select the perfect metal for the best moissanite engagement rings. Bhumi Gems offers you customized jewelry in yellow, white, and rose gold metal tones.

There are various benefits of every type of metal. But in the end, it’s also about one’s preferences. However, if you are still confused, let us list a few of them for your benefit –


  1. Due to tradition and its vintage appeal, it is still the go-to option for many couples.
  2. It suits almost every style and looks great on every individual.
  3. It does not cause any skin allergy.


  1. It is less costly than platinum.
  2. It is pretty easy to customize and can easily blend with any style of moissanite jewelry.
  3. It is durable and stands against everyday life’s scratches and wears and tear.


  1. They have a romantic appeal in their appearance.
  2. Their color does not fade away, thus maintaining their appearance after many years.
  3. They are very durable and quite affordable than the other two types of gold metal.

You can check out our blog Types of metal shades in moissanite engagement ring, to get a detailed understanding of the types of metal tones.

Decide on a timeline.

Deciding on a timeframe is something you need to think of before opting for customized jewelry. Suppose you want to design moissanite diamond earrings; you need to decide on a timeline as to when you need your jewelry. While making this decision, the shipping duration and return policies must be kept in mind. Also, never forget to take into consideration any unexpected delays that might take place in the entire process.

Once you decide on the timeline, you can easily move towards designing your own perfect customized jewelry. 

Customized jewelry helps an individual have control over creativity and imagery. One can get exactly what one wants without compromising on any aspect. The trend of customized jewelry, such as designing the best moissanite rings, never goes out of fashion as they are not mass-produced. They are the result of your own figment and imagination. Thus, you can always remain in trend and own perfect unique jewelry. We at Bhumi Gems promises to serve our customer very effectively and efficiently. Our dedicated team supports our customers every step of the way.

We hope these tips and tricks help you design your jewelry the best way possible. Check out our blog for Everything you need to know about Moissanite diamond size chart to get a more profound knowledge about your budget.

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