Types Of Metal Shades In An Engagement Ring


Engagement Ring – Its Historical Importance And Meaning

The Trend Of Rings In Different Metal Shades

The symbolism and meaning for which the engagement ring stands have changed through the years. They play an important part in any girl’s life as every girl dream of having that perfect proposal for herself. In ancient times, the ring finger was believed to be directly connected to their partner’s heart. The men used to put the ring on the left hand of their respective fiancé. The left side of the heart is known for its sign of infinite love and lasting connection. Thus, putting a ring on the left finger symbolized that they would stay together forever despite obstacles. 

In middle age, men gave their partners rings as a commitment to marriage. People took the trend of giving rings so seriously that women were prohibited from putting any other type of ring on their fingers. Later, the supposedly ‘twin rings’ gained a lot of popularity among women. The man wore the engagement ring until the day of his wedding. The same ring was handed over to the woman as her wedding ring. Nowadays, giving an engagement ring is an important part of making an official announcement of a lifetime commitment. Traditionally, the man selects the ring and proposes to his lady love. 

Moissanite engagement rings are available in different metal tones and varieties. They are fashionable, exquisite, and perfect for your lady! Bhumi gems provide engagement ring styles in metal shades of yellow, rose, and white gold. Every girl prefers metal tones depending on her skin color and personal style. In ancient times, the tradition of giving rings was only reserved for aristocrats as they were expensive and non-affordable for common people. However, times have changed. Moissanites jewelry is cost-effective and can be bought by anyone. Thus, you can now buy a luxurious stone without going beyond your budget.    

Different Metal Shades Of An Engagement Ring

Engagement ring metals are available in shades of yellow, rose, and white gold. Let us explore the benefits of each of these metal shades.

Yellow Gold  

Let us discuss why you should choose a yellow gold metal shade for your Moissanite ring.

  • The Durability Of Yellow Gold

Although yellow gold is naturally very malleable, it is also very durable. Gold is mixed with other precious metals and produces a long-lasting metal. You never have to worry about gold losing its color or shine even after a long period of time. 

  • Every Designer’s Dream

The malleability of yellow gold is every designer’s jewelry dream. One can create any intricate design through yellow gold, giving your engagement ring a unique and customized look.

  • Complements Every Stone

Yellow gold complements pretty much every other stone available in the market. The same is the case with Moissanite diamond jewelry. A solid gold ring beautifully complements the brilliant shine and sparkle of Moissanite gemstone and helps you get the perfect look on your big day.

  • It Is Very Valuable

Everyone knows that the US economy was once heavily dependent on the prices and value of gold. Although the price of gold alters frequently, it can be considered a great investment. They are made from precious metals; therefore, their value will only increase over time. 

White Gold

Let us discuss why you should choose white gold for your lady love!

  • You Enjoy The Look Of Silver Jewelry Along With The Durability Of Real Gold

Many girls feel that yellow gold is too outdated and thus may prefer white gold for their Moissanite jewelry. White gold gives the appearance of silver jewelry and the durability and hardness of real gold. Thus, your lady will enjoy all the benefits without the outdated look of yellow gold metal. 

  • The Durability Of White Gold

White gold is made by mixing stronger metals than yellow gold. Thus, they are more resistant to scratch and are very durable. It is unlikely that white gold Moissanite jewelry will easily break or chip off.

  • Complements White Diamonds

According to some girls, an engagement ring of white gold beautifully complements white diamonds. They prefer the beauty and grace of white gemstone.

Rose Gold

  • Long-Lasting And Durable

The addition of other metals in the gold provides it with the durability that it lacks. When copper is added to the gold mix, you will receive tinted gold that is more durable than yellow or white gold.

  • Cost-Effective And Affordable

The copper metal mixed with rose gold is less expensive than other types of metals added with white or yellow gold. The presence of copper is the very reason why rose gold engagement rings are more cost-effective than other metal types.

  • Romantic  

The color of rose gold is incredibly romantic, so many women relate more to it. The most popular type of rose gold engagement ring is one with a heart-shaped stone. Thus, they are extremely romantic and sentimental and will beautifully express your emotion and feelings.

  • Skin Tone

Rose gold color complements every skin tone. Some women look better in white gold or yellow gold but rose gold looks beautiful on every woman and beautifully suits its skin color and texture. The amount of copper available in rose gold influences its color.

  • Recent Trend

Rose pink jewelry has become popular among women who love its color. Everyone prefers wearing fashionable rose gold jewelry, from celebrities to regular women. If your lady is looking for something that beautifully complements her skin and is in trend, a rose pink engagement ring will be a perfect choice for your bride.

  • Enhancing The Color Of The Gemstone

Rose gold enhances the color of the gemstone they are paired with. When they are curated with white transparent moissanite stones, it amplifies the brilliant shine and sparkle of the stone. If your lady is looking for something blingy and extravagant, you should choose a moissanite engagement ring for your bride

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