How To Choose A Moissanite For Your Engagement Rings

moissanite engagement rings

Proposing to your girlfriend is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You want everything to be perfect and grand! However, there always remains tension about your budget regarding the engagement ring. We understand that marriage is a costly affair. We are here to relieve you from some of the stress regarding your budget and still manage to make your lady love feel like the most special lady in the world!
Moissanite is the perfect substitute for a diamond. The substitution does not mean that moissanite rings are some cheap imitation jewelry of diamonds. A moissanite ring set looks just as grand and sophisticated as a diamond. Want to give an elegant engagement ring to your girlfriend without putting a dent in your budget? At Bhumi gems, our collection of engagement ring sets for women made of Moissanite will give you the same luxurious look and charm like that of a diamond.

Why Moissanite?

Moissanite is a scarce gem. It is found very rarely in its natural form. Therefore, most of the moissanite engagement rings are made in labs. No mining is required to make a moissanite stone. Thus, it is very sustainable and eco-friendly. Mining not only depletes our natural resources but also exploits physical labor. Lab-made moissanite engagement rings are very environment-friendly. Also, a moissanite engagement ring is very durable and robust. On a Mohr scale, the durability of Moissanite comes at the scale of 9.25, which is too good of a score for any gemstone. Thus, it is not easy to break Moissanite or to put a dent in engagement rings made of Moissanite. When a diamond ring and engagement rings made of Moissanite of the same carat are compared, moissanite engagement rings will cost less. Buying moissanite engagement rings is more budget-friendly and affordable. They are comparatively cheaper than diamonds. However, many gemologists fail to differentiate between two gemstones. You cannot differentiate between a diamond and Moissanite with your naked eye. They both look gorgeous, alluring, classy, and sophisticated. However, a moissanite ring set has a brilliant fire and glow. It is due to the unique cut of a moissanite stone that light cannot bounce back and forth. Many prefer a moissanite stone for the extra shine and sparkle it emits! The brilliant fire and glitter of moissanite engagement rings will make your girlfriend look like a million bucks!

How To Choose Your Perfect Engagement Ring?

Since now you know why you should choose a moissanite ring set, let us look at how you will select your perfect engagement ring-

Cut Of The Moissanite

At Bhumi gems, our collection of engagement rings made of Moissanite is available in all cuts and shapes. We have a distinctive collection of engagement rings set for you to select your “PERFECT” ring for your girlfriend. Our most famous cut includes princess, round, cushion, Marquise, oval, triangle, antique, heart, and many others! The unique cut of moissanite engagement rings prevents light from bouncing back and forth. Thus, your moissanite ring set will give you an extra touch of fire, glitter, and sparkle.

Color Of The Moissanite

Colorless or transparent is the most preferred color for all our engagement rings made of Moissanite. White or transparent is the classic look for any Moissanite Earrings. It is one of the most traditional and sophisticated designs. However, with people’s changing needs and preferences, moissanite engagement rings are now available in many other colors. At Bhumi gems, our collection of the moissanite ring set is available in many other colors, including blue and green. A moissanite ring set will add a touch of grace to your lady love’s wedding dress regardless of the color.

Clarity Of The Moissanite

Natural Moissanite is very limited in nature. It is not available in large quantities. Thus, most of the Moissanite is made in labs. Advanced technology and advancements are used to make a moissanite stone. Thus, they are flawless and perfect in their appearance. They do not have any imperfections or blemishes. When gemstones are naturally formed, many inclusions get collected in the gemstone since they take millions of years to form. Lab made moissanite engagement rings are perfect and transparent in their appearance, and hardly any blemishes are visible to the naked eye.

Carat Of The Moissanite

Moissanite is weighed in millimeters, unlike diamonds which are measured in carat. Moissanite will weigh 10% less when compared to diamonds of equal weight since they are less dense than diamonds. It is always advisable to purchase large-sized moissanite engagement rings since they emit brilliant fire and sparkle!

Our Famous Designs Of Moissanite Ring Set

Our favorite designs from moissanite engagement rings include emerald cut moissanite engagement ring, round rose cut solitaire moissanite engagement ring, pear colorless moissanite engagement ring, marquise moissanite solitaire ring, round moissanite solitaire ring, princess cut colorless moissanite engagement ring, green emerald solitaire moissanite ring, heart cut solitaire moissanite ring, emerald criss cut moissanite engagement ring and so many others.

How To Care For Your Moissanite Ring Set?

It is essential to take proper care of your moissanite ring to avoid losing its brilliant fire and sparkle after some years. Moissanite does not lose its color or get cloudy after some years. But it may lose its sparkle due to build-up residue. Thus, it is essential to clean your moissanite ring at regular intervals. Using mild water and soap cleans any gemstone, and Moissanite is no exception. If you notice an ‘oil slick’ in your moissanite ring, you can clear it by using silver polish and polish. Using silver polish and a toothbrush will not damage the quality of your moissanite ring set. Thus, your moissanite ring will continue to sparkle and shine for many years and will easily pass down as a family heirloom for your future generations!

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