Why Choose Moissanite Bridal Set For Wedding

Have you been shopping for your bridal set? Have you heard of moissanite stones? Wondering are they worthy enough for your bridal set?

Yes. Moissanite bridal sets are spectacular and amazing! And that is why exactly we are here to tell you why! The wedding is the most important day of any girl’s life. A girl wants everything perfect and wants to look like her most spectacular self. A Moissanite bridal set is unique, glamorous, sparkly, and alluring. Moissanite is the perfect substitute for diamond jewelry sets. Most couples choose to buy moissanite instead of traditional diamonds because of their glimmer and charm. They do not harm the environment and are sustainable too.      

Moissanite bridal set has so many amazing qualities from price, brilliant sparkle, and a striking cosmic story. So let us dive into why moissanite is your perfect Find The Perfect Moissanite Diamond Bridal Set.

The origin of moissanite stone

For all my romantic brides out there, you will love this cosmic story. A meteorite crashed into the desert of Arizona, now known as Diablo Crater, some fifty thousand years ago. Tiny bits of meteorite spread across the southwest as sparkling bits of stone. In 1893, while studying this astronomical event discovered the dazzling stones of moissanite. Moissanite became a perfect stone for any mystical dreamer. Thus, moissanite has come from outer space and is scarce. Today, moissanite is mostly made in laboratories. Moissanite is the perfect stone for any mystical lover! You can say that natural moissanite has directly come from the stars. But they are so rare that one cannot cut natural moissanite even into a one-carat stone. Therefore, moissanite is generally made in labs now, and it takes around two to three months for a single moissanite stone to form! Although they are the perfect substitute for diamonds, they are not cheap diamonds. A bridal set made of moissanite is as durable as a diamond and is more luminous and scintillating.

Why a bridal set made of moissanite is a perfect choice for any woman

If you want to know what is the fascination of moissanite and why people prefer to buy moissanite bridal sets instead of diamond jewelry, we are here to present you with some of the interesting facts-

Moissanite bridal set is within your means

Marriage is costly, especially if you are planning a grand wedding event. Similarly, married life is costly as hell. There is so much to do – renting a house, paying bills, and more. People nowadays prefer to get more value for the money invested. A moissanite bridal set is less expensive and more budget-friendly when compared to diamond bridal sets. Moissanite is the perfect alternative to diamond and is available at a lesser cost. I mean, what can you ask more for? Since most of the moissanite available today in the market is made in labs, the entire cost of mining, labor, and shipping gets eliminated. No mining of moissanite cuts down the cost of moissanite to a great extent. However, this does not mean that all bridal sets made of moissanite are available at a lesser price. Factors such as the quality of the design, the metal used, the stones used in the jewelry, and whether the bridal set is customized or not are the deciding factors in the price of the moissanite bridal set.

The charm of moissanite surpasses that of a diamond

Confused about choosing your perfect ring set for your wedding? Bridal ring sets made of moissanite are your answer to all your worries! And just not for your ring collection. The entire bridal collection made of moissanite will dazzle more than a diamond. They have a brilliant fire and shine in them. When light enters a piece of moissanite jewelry, it scatters into colorful spectrums of light. The dispersion of the colorful spectrum is responsible for the glimmer and shimmer of moissanite diamond jewelry. The dazzling sparkle of moissanite jewelry will add a million-dollar shine to your wedding dress and make you look like the prettiest bride. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than a diamond. For moissanite, the refractive index is 2.65, whereas for a diamond is 2.42. So, if you are someone who likes some bling and glimmer, the moissanite bridal collection is your ideal choice.

Jewelry made from moissanite is as hard as diamonds

Bridal jewelry is something a woman likes to preserve throughout her life. It is her asset and her most prized procession. Thus, a bridal set must survive the bumps and scratches of many years. But there is nothing to worry about. A piece of moissanite jewelry is just as strong and durable as a diamond. Moissanite does not shatter easily. Moissanite is very hard and durable and will remain beautiful and glamorous for many years!

Moissanite jewelry is more environmentally friendly

Natural moissanite is very sparse in nature. They are present in a very limited amount. Therefore, most moissanite stones are made in laboratories. Since they are made in labs, no mining is involved. Mining causes a lot of air, sound, and noise pollution. No ecosystem is damaged, or mining pits are left behind. Mining destroys 100 square feet of land and creates 6000 lbs of mineral waste. When moissanite is manufactured in a lab, all of this is eliminated. They are more ecologically sound and are perfect eco-friendly alternatives.

A wedding is your once-in-a-lifetime event, so you must look perfect and out of this world. Moissanite jewelry will make you look radiant and glamorous. So if you are looking for something within your means and still do not want to compromise on the quality, Trending Moissanite Engagement Rings are your perfect choice to look gorgeous and eye-catching.     

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