Which Is The Right Moissanite Cut? Square Or Round?

Which Is the Right Moissanite Cut: Square Or Round


A Guide To Selecting The Right Moissanite Cut

Choosing the right piece of jewelry can be a daunting task. Which moissanite cut to choose or which shape to select are some of the questions that women usually think about. The availability of such a wide variety of cuts can make your choice difficult.

The two popular moissanite cuts – round and square are among the most sought-after options. Although the square shape can look bigger by tricking the eye, the round shape of moissanite has a larger surface area.

You might struggle to choose if you love both the moissanite shapes – An edgy square or a classic round.

Which cut looks bigger, or do they look equally brilliant? Read on to discover the difference between round and square cut and which is best for you.

Round Moissanite Cut – Its Pros And Cons  

With 47% of brides choosing the round center stone in their jewelry pieces, it is one of the most popular choices among women. The shape looks timeless, classic, and spectacular with an moissanite engagement ring of any style. They are among the most brilliant moissanite shapes.

A round-cut moissanite stone is made of 58 facets. They are made in such a way as to reflect the maximum light. The sparkle of round stones can mask color better than other shapes and hide flaws.

It also gives the advantage of getting away with a lower grade of clarity and color.

Its pros:

  • Looks perfect on all types of fingers.
  • High brilliance.
  • Absence of corners.
  • It is classic and timeless.

Its cons:

  • The cut is quite expensive.

Square Moissanite Cut – Its Pros And Cons

When people think about square-cut moissanite, the only thing that comes to their mind is a princess-cut stone. With straight edges and sharp corners, it is an authentic square-shaped stone. A unique X pattern is visible while looking at it from the top.

Almost 14% of brides choose a princess-cut stone, making it one of the best moissanite cuts. It is the perfect cut for you if you are looking for something delicate and feminine and like geometric shapes.

A square-cut moissanite stone is made of 55-58 facets. It is the second-most brilliant moissanite shape among so many different moissanite cuts. Similar to round-cut stones, it can hide most color tints and flaws.

Its pros:

  • Feminine and unique.
  • Less costly than round moissanite stones.
  • High brilliance.

Its cons:

  • It is made of sharp corners that can get knocked on or snag things.

Which Is Bigger: Round Or Square Cut?

Many of you must be wondering which shape looks bigger. Let us look at it from a mathematical perspective.

  • A 1-carat round moissanite stone has a diameter of 6.4mm. It is approximately 32.17 millimeter square in surface area.
  • A 1-carat square moissanite stone has a diameter of 5.5mm X 5.5mm. It is approximately 30.25 millimeter square in surface area.

When you look at the math, round-cut stones are 8% larger in surface area than square-cut stones. But eyes can play a lot of tricks. It usually makes the square-shaped stone appear bigger.

Types Of Moissanite Cuts In Square Shape

Apart from the princess cut, there are several other square-cut stones that you may like.

Asscher cut:

In some ways, this cut is like a modern version of the vintage emerald cut but more sparkly. There is a huge “window” into the diamond because it is step-cut. This effect is more like looking into a hall of mirrors.

Radiant cut:

Radiant cut can be in a square or rectangular shape. It gives the best combination of princess, round, and Asscher cuts. This combination gives the radiant cut incredible brilliance.

With the radiant cut, you get the look of crushed ice, while with the princess, you get a symmetrical X look. It also has the presence of cropped corners which makes it look smaller.

Cushion cut:      

The cushion cut has a look between a square and a round cut. It has a softer, romantic look with rounded corners and edges. You can select this cut if the square shape is too harsh for you.

Another significant benefit is that the cushion cut is affordable and budget-friendly.  

Which Cut To Choose?  

If you are still confused about which cut to go for, you can consider the following points:

  • You can consider choosing round-cut stones if you have a very active lifestyle and do most of your work with your hands. Since they do not have any corners, they are the right fit for you.

However, if you still want to go for square-cut stones, you can consider choosing an Asscher, radiant, or cushion cut with round or cropped corners.

  • The best value comes from square-cut moissanite if you’re looking for a loose moissanite diamond that maximizes your budget and size.
  • Also, everything ultimately is all about personal preference. A round-cut stone will always look timeless and softer, while a square-cut stone will look more striking and unique.

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