Why Should You Prefer Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Moissanite Engagement Rings – Check Before You Buy

Let Us Take A Walk Down To The World Of Moissanite!

Have you ever noticed that Moissanite Engagement Rings are available at a lesser price? No? Let me introduce you to the world of Moissanite gemstones. Read on to explore from its very beginning. It was 120 years ago when Dr Henri Moissan stumbled across Moissanite during his research work. He was a French Nobel Prize-winning chemist looking for pure chemicals suitable for electrical work. He came across silicon carbide during his research work – a remarkable rare mineral. “Moissanite” is named after his honor.

During the late 1990s, researchers from Research Triangle Park in North Carolina sanctioned the procedure of making a pure Silicon Carbide. It was utilized to evolve various products, including semiconductors and LED Lights. Manufacturers also used it to make durable drilling abrasives and tools. The durability of the Moissanite made it possible for jewelers to stud it in jewelry and ornaments. You will find Moissanite Engagement Rings in various designs and cuts. The availability of so many shapes, designs, and sizes in Moissanite Diamond Jewelry will spoil you with choices. The quality and authenticity that you will find in Bhumi Gems will change your entire perspective about Moissanite gemstones.

Moissanite Engagement Rings will help you showcase the best moments of your life. The designs that are available in Bhumi Gems make works of art valuable. The designs are stunning in our collection and have the best level of perfection. The similarity in the appearance of Moissanite Engagement Rings and diamond engagement rings will shock you to your core! Even more so, you are getting all the benefits without an astronomical price tag like that of diamonds. So if you are planning to propose to your girlfriend and are worried about the expenses, look no more! We have come up with a perfect solution for all budget-conscious couples.

What Makes Moissanite Engagement Rings Special

Moissanite Engagement Rings are very special and unique in their way. They are also sometimes referred to as “diamonds of diamonds.” Moissanite engagement rings for women will help you express your love and commitment in the most romantic way possible. Its durability, longevity, rarity, and uniqueness make Moissanite rings a perfect option for a bride who is ready to try something new and exciting. Let us explore what makes Moissanite Engagement Rings so special –

The Price Of The Gemstone

One of the biggest benefits that Moissanite Engagement Rings enjoy over Diamond Engagement Rings is the absence of an astronomical price tag. Moissanite gemstones are very cost-effective and are less in price than diamonds. The 4C’s of the diamond that is cut, clarity, color, and carat decide the gemstone price. But the cost of the moissanite gemstone depends on whether the stone is enhanced or not. So if you are worried about your wedding expenses and want to save a few bucks on your engagement rings, you should definitely opt for How to Buy an Moissanite Engagement Ring.

The Shape Of The Moissanite

Bhumi gems offer you Moissanite Diamond Jewelry in so many shapes and designs. The shapes in which Moissanite Rings are available are oval, radiant, pear, Emerald, Heart, Round, Portuguese, and others. Our collections also include rings in various styles such as Bezel, Solitaire, Eternity, Vintage, and Antique that will suit the desires of every woman. Those are just a few options that we listed out for you! The dazzling appearance of Moissanite rings will give a million-dollar shine to your wedding dress.

The Durability And Longevity Of Moissanite Jewelry

The durability of Trending Moissanite Engagement Rings are one of its best features. They do not lose their shine and sparkle easily. You will not see cloudiness or gloominess on Moissanite rings after some time. It is a ring that you can pass down to your children or your future generations. Even after many years, your Moissanite ring will be as new as when you bought it. They can easily withstand scratches and daily wear and tear. On a Mohr scale, the scale of 9.5 on durability compared to 10 for diamonds makes Moissanite very strong and durable. The scale of 9.5 makes it the second hardest stone on earth after the diamond. The resistance of the Choose Moissanite Bridal Set For Wedding to chipping and breaking makes it an ideal ring to wear daily.

The Brilliant Fire Of The Stone

Moissanite Rings have a brilliant fire and shine in them. The spectacular refractive index of Moissanite stones makes them shine even more than a diamond. So any bride who likes to wear something blingy and showy, Moissanite rings are ideal. The shimmer and glamour of Moissanite jewelry will give you the grandest look possible.

They Are Sustainable And Ethical

The diamond industry has always been in conflict due to its mining practices that are not ethical for the environment. However, Moissanite Diamond Jewelry is sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are grown in laboratories in a controlled environment. They do not harm the environment since no mining is done to extract them from the earth. Natural Moissanite is so scarce that growing Moissanite in laboratories is the only option available to us. Although it is grown in laboratories, its quality does not get degraded. They are still very much authentic and superior in quality and appearance.

Moissanite Engagement Rings are your go-to option if you do not want to waste half your wedding budget on an engagement ring. Moissanite Rings will give you a similar appearance to a diamond ring at a much more affordable cost. The brilliant fire from Moissanite Diamond Jewelry will add a touch of glamour and radiance to your overall appearance and make you stand out from everyone. Go and explore our stunning collection today! 

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