A Review of Bhumigems Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

Moissanite Diamond Jewelry – Read Before You Buy It

Why Should You Go For Moissanite Diamonds?

Moissanite Diamond Jewelry has grabbed a lot of attention these days. The rare moissanite, which was often used for industrial purposes, is now used in jewelry. Let me tell you an interesting fact about moissanite diamond jewelry! Moissanite was first found in bits of rock taken from a crater that was formed due to a meteor in Canyon Diablo. The moissanite gemstone was initially misidentified by Dr. Henri Moissan (hence the name!) as a diamond. However, after eleven years of his discovery, he discovered that what he discovered was made of different chemical compositions. It consisted of silicon carbide instead of pure carbon.

Moissanite is very hard to break. Thus, it becomes an ideal gemstone to use in jewelry. The thermal conductivity and optical properties are also excellent in Moissanite Diamond Jewelry. However, it would be best if you did not confuse Moissanite with cubic zirconia. People often mistake calling any transparent gemstone that is not a diamond cubic zirconia. Moissanite gemstone is made of silicon carbide, whereas cubic zirconia is composed of zirconium dioxide. Real Moissanite, discovered through the meteor crash, is so rare and less in the amount that we had to grow Moissanite in labs. Initially, gems of Moissanite were grown in single crystals. It was then formed and developed using a time-consuming and complex thermal method. 

Even the CEO and president of Charles & Colvard agree that Moissanite Diamond Jewelry is the ideal alternative to diamonds. When you buy moissanite, you are not giving up on the stone’s color, size, or clarity. You are getting an authentic, superior-quality gemstone without an astronomical price tag like a diamond. Bhumi gems is offering you Moissanite Diamond Jewelry that will satisfy your needs of owning a shiny gemstone and will not even put a dent in your bank balance.

Benefits Of Buying Moissanite Diamond Jewelry From Bhumi Gems

The Sparkle Of The Stone

The silicon composition of Moissanite Diamond Jewelry provides it with a high refractive index than diamonds. In layman’s terms, you can say that moissanite gemstones sparkle more than diamonds. You can easily catch someone’s attention through your Moissanite engagement rings‘ colorful rainbow sparkle. Whereas in diamonds, the sparkle is less saturated in color. So if you are someone who likes a look of bling, Moissanite Diamond rings are the ideal choice for you.

The Durability Of Moissanite Jewelry

The durability of Moissanite Fine jewelry is much more than sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Although sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are all considered durable, on the Mohr hardness scale, the scale of Moissanite is 9.25. The value of 9.25 is so close to 10 (the durability scale of a diamond is 10) that it is considered as durable as a diamond. Moissanite Diamond Jewelry is eternal and can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. The gemstone’s hardness also makes it an ideal choice for Moissanite Engagement rings or Couple Diamond Rings.

Budget-Friendly Price Of Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

Unlike diamonds, moissanite gemstones will not dent your bank balance. If you are looking for a bigger stone, Moissanite will help you get the maxed-out bling without maxing out your bank balance. However, the budget-friendly price of the Moissanite Diamond Jewelry does not make it a piece of cheap imitation jewelry. It is a gemstone with high durability and superior quality.

No One Can Identify That They Are Not Diamonds

Moissanite Diamond jewelry looks so similar to diamond jewelry that it is impossible to tell their difference with the naked eye. Only expert jewelers and gemologists can differentiate between the two by looking at them. So unless you are working in the gem industry, you are practically buying a high-quality, durable, ‘diamond-looking’ stone.

Some Trending Designs Of Bhumi Gems 

Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings

Oval cut Moissanite Engagement rings are an all-time favorite among couples. The elongated shape of the oval-cut ring gives it a very feminine and ethereal look. Moissanite Engagement Rings with an oval cut have an understated elegance to them. The rings are available in the metal of yellow, rose, and white gold. You can also customize your favorite ring designs in Bhumi Gems to have the ring of your dreams!

Round Cut Colorless Moissanite Wedding Bands

The extravagant yet classy design of round-cut moissanite bands is for all the brides who like to make a grand statement. The brilliant fire and glow of Moissanite Diamond Jewelry are like a cherry on top. The bling and extravagant design of the wedding band will make you look like a princess on your wedding day.

Radiant Dark Green Moissanite Hoop Earrings

You will absolutely fall in love with these dark green Moissanite Hoop earrings. The sparkle and glow of the earring will never fade and will give a spectacular look to your outfit. You can easily pair these Moissanite Hoop Earrings with your everyday wear and at your dinner parties. Moissanite Hoop earrings’ grace, charm, and allure will make you stand out from everyone.

Round Colorless Moissanite Bracelet

The minimalistic and graceful design of the Moissanite Bracelet will go perfectly with your date outfits or if you are to attend any party. The charm and aura of the moissanite stones will surely make out stand out from everyone.

Bhumi Gems offers you such Moissanite Diamond Jewelry that will satisfy all your desire to wear a luxurious stone. We offer you an authentic, superior-quality, durable, and ethical gemstone. The brilliant shine and glamour of the Moissanite stone will surely add a million-dollar shine to your smile and your life. So if you want to invest in something worthy of your money, choose from our stunning collection of moissanite jewelry today! 

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