All about June Birthstones

Everything You Need To Know About The June Birthstones

An Overview Of June Birthstones

Every gem represents a specific birth month on the calendar. Each of the birthstones has its meaning and historical significance behind them. At first glance, gemstones may appear like gorgeous shining pieces of treasure. While that’s true, apart from being a symbol of beauty and spark, they also hold much more gravity.

Birthstones are gems that match your birth month and are known to bring you luck, prosperity and positive vibes around. Birthstones are considered great as they are linked with your zodiac signs, also called zodiac birthstones. They are worn worldwide in rings, pendants and beautiful jewelry. Some of the major reasons for wearing your respective birthstones are they have great healing properties, offer protection, help in meditation and also help in uplifting your style.

Are you aware of the birthstone for June? People born in June are lucky that they get to choose between 3 June Birthstones. June birthstones include Pearl birthstone, Alexandrite birthstone, and Moonstone birthstone. June birthstones vary from prismatic pearl to milky white moonstone to the rare colour-changing Alexandrite. Also, the main reason that some months have multiple birthstones is that several ancient stones have become too rare. Therefore, ancient stones are less likely to be available in the market to satisfy consumer needs. June birthstones continue to be an excellent gift carved in the form of pearl jewelry, moonstone jewelry and alexandrite jewelry.

June Birthstones offers timeless glow and glitters from every angle. Birthstones are nature’s precious gems, each of them linked with particular month. Conventionally, there are 12 birthstones, each one associated with respective month. With the wide range of alternatives from June-born, you can decide on a beautiful gemstone to fit any occasion, mood or budget. Let’s discover each of the June birthstones in detail to explore their beauty and significance.

Queen Of Gems – Pearls

Pearls are the only gems formed and found within living creatures. Also, they are considered an all-time classic in the jewelry market. Pearls are timeless and an elegant natural wonder to cherish for life. Mollusks produce a pearl by secreting a nacre substance around a piece of sand that has invaded its shell. Pearl bearing mollusks fails to create in polluted water, so pearl farms are located far from people’s civilization to produce cultivated pearls. Since natural pearls are so rare in nature that pearls are cultivated in a system created by humans.

Ancient Greek legends described pearls as the tears of God and also believed that wearing pearls would help a woman from crying on their wedding day. Almost all the pearls carved in the form of jewelry collection, such as pearls set with gold, black pearl ornaments and much more that you find in stores today, are cultured. While many still think that pearls are only white, they are now cultivated in various colors, including green, gold, silver, black, and several pastel colors.

Pearls have been linked with purity and innocence. So, one can say that June Birthstones represent a sweet and simple meaning behind them. Moreover, they are thought to have beneficial properties, such as they are believed to bestow long healthy life and good prosperity.

A Colour-Changing Gem – Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the June Birthstones. June birthstone alexandrite is well known for displaying one of the most extraordinary colour-changing properties in gems. Alexandrite was first found in Russia in the early 90s. It has a rare characteristic that changes color from bluish-green when exposed to sunlight and purple like red under bright white light at night. As a result, Alexandrite is often described as Emerald in the day and Ruby by night.

Among the other gemstones that change color, Alexandrite is softer than sapphire and harder than garnet, with an 8.5 hardness level on the Mohs scale. Moreover, due to its scarce nature, Alexandrite is more valuable and expensive than most other gemstones, including popular diamonds and rubies.

Alexandrite turns out to be beautiful and unique when carved and crafted in the form of jewelery. Alexandrite is said to bring peace and good fortune and has the capabilities to influence positive vibes and wellness, specifically when it comes to one’s health.

An Opalescent Gem – Moonstone

Moonstone is the third June birthstone. Many cultures believed moonstones as an actual portrayal of the moon. The gemstone emits a silvery light that seems to come from within, which gemologists describe as adularescence. As the name indicates, people have closely associated moonstones with the moon. This June birthstone has been associated with both Roman and Greek deities.

Although all of the three June birthstones have their importance and uses, moonstone benefits are believed to be useful to a greater extent. The mystic stone is believed to aid fertility, love, good sleep and protection. Since the moon changes itself every month, people assume that moonstones can regain and renew a more youthful personality. Lovers used to exchange moonstones, especially after clashes, to help them restore their love relationship. Moonstones are also thought to help in meditation and bring a calm vibe to the wearer. It is believed that moving the inner light within a moonstone helps you focus more on meditation.

Even today, well known and established jewelry designers are still enchanted by the rare, hypnotic and charming personality of each moonstone and work with them in every aspect of jewelry designing.

June birthstones are one of the only two months connected with three different birthstones, namely, pearl, Alexandrite and moonstone. All three of them have their importance and significance in life. June birthstone jewelry carved out from a pearl, Alexandrite, or moonstone will adorn your personality yet uplift your look. June birthstones can also make an attractive gift option as they are private, symbolic, and hold special meaning to the wearer.

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