Complete Guide to Moissanite Diamonds

The Moissanite Diamonds: A Detailed Guide

Moissanite Diamonds In A Nutshell

Whether you are looking to add a little spice back into your relationship, are wondering how to resolve clashes with your beloved, or want to surprise your special one, no worries because you are in the right place! There is no greater gift than giving a woman something she loves, such as diamonds. The joy of gifting diamonds to the love of your life will never surpass anything other than that.

When it comes to forever, we always refer to it with diamonds. However, the rising popularity of Moissanite diamonds has started to symbolize themselves as forever diamonds. What more do we want when moissanites are just perfect for your everyday casual wear because they are forever lasting, intricately beautiful to admire, and imperishable? Well, nothing more, right!

Generally, many people think of moissanite diamonds as an alternative to naturally mined diamonds. For a fact of information, moissanites have their history, origins, and qualities to set them apart from every gem out there in the diamond market today. If you are looking for a brilliant spark, luxury feel, and cost-effective price tag, you can never go wrong with moissanite diamonds. It is undoubtedly true that every common girl holds a fantasy about her dream engagement where her lover will hand out a beautiful ring box. The box has an exquisite coveted ring within. And more than that, the ring has a diamond on it, because who does not want a gem that has been praised in our traditions for ages.

Moissanite has a very similar appearance to a diamond but is distinct in every other matter. Moissanites look like a diamond to the inexperienced eye. It takes a trained professional with advanced equipment to differentiate between the two. Another very big advantage of choosing moissanite is that it is easy on the wallet.

Features That Set Moissanites Apart From The Rest

Diamond enthusiasts love and admire diamonds because of their brilliance and sparkle, don’t they? However, it is fascinating that moissanite diamonds are brighter than diamonds. They have a brilliant spark and bring an alluring touch to your moissanite diamond jewelry, moissanite bridal set, moissanite earrings, etc.

Natural moissanite has existed over the years since discovering the elements found in meteorites. They are incredibly rare in nature, and so, therefore, they are made in a human-controlled environment such as a laboratory.

Utilization Of Sources

One of the many reasons that make diamonds a rare gem is the sourcing procedure involved in extracting carats of diamond. To date, we derive a diamond by mining them from the riverbed of Earth’s crust. The mining has led to ethical concerns and conflicts in the mining areas, negatively impacting the environment and areas nearby the mines.

On the other hand, Moissanite diamonds are made in the laboratory from scratch. Their making is completely under human control, space and environment. There is no extraction process required to pull sources from the Earth’s surface To create a single piece of gem. No labor cost is required as there is no mining activity performed.

Rainbow Like Brilliance & Shine

Moissanites is one of those gemstones that we can’t get over and are hooked over it. Many of today’s generation, especially engaged couples, opt for moissanite diamonds as their engagement ring selection. When the light hits in, moissanite has a nearly rainbow-like brilliance and fiery Shine, making sure that it stands out beautifully on your statement piece, be it an engagement ring or bridal set earrings, or other such ornaments. One thing is certain; it will make an extraordinary appearance to your look and your collection.

Valuable Yet Easy On Pockets

With moissanite diamonds becoming a popular and trendy choice among people today, they are counted as one of the most valuable assets to your jewelry collection. Moissanite ornaments and fine jewelry have an understated elegance to themselves. Since they are made in laboratories, there isn’t a similar mining impact on the Earth as a natural diamond. Therefore, making moissanite a much more sustainable option than real diamonds. Reduction in the entire mining activities and nil involvement of human resources for mining leads to a cost-effective feature of a moissanite diamond.

Abrasion And Scratch Resistance

The harder the substance is, the more difficult it is to scratch. When talking about moissanite diamonds, they have been rated the second-highest hard material after a mined diamond. Moissanite’s super hardness makes it an ideal choice to wear every day. Moreover, its superior hardness and great refractive index stay super sparkly forever and are less prone to scratches and cuts.

Upkeep And Cleaning

Proper maintenance is needed to keep the gemstone shiny and sparkling at its best. Maintaining a Moissanite Earrings gemstone is easy because it doesn’t collect dirt easily on its surface. Furthermore, a diamond may need special cleaning agents and procedures. Another special feature of moissanite diamonds is that they resist chemical stripping much better than any other jewel available on the market. Because of this, the quality feature doesn’t show any adverse behavior during or after the cleaning & maintenance process.

Moissanites diamonds were born in the stars, but now they are available on the Earth. At Bhumi Gems, our collection with an exquisite range and broad categories will fulfill the desires of every woman. Moissanites at Bhumi Gems will help you add that million-dollar spark and beauty to elevate your overall look. Fall in love with the mystical and perfect cosmic discovery of moissanite diamonds.  If you are looking for a perfect surprise for your beloved, our wide array of classic yet luxury collections will make your lady love cherish it for a lifetime and beyond!

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