How To Buy The Best Moissanite Wedding Bands?


How To Buy The Best Moissanite Wedding Bands?Moissanite Wedding Bands: How To Choose The Best One?

Wedding Bands : An Introduction

Engagement rings and wedding rings certainly take the most attention when it comes to wedding jewelry. The wedding ring is a significant part of your wedding aesthetic, also not to mention these elements are a persistent indicator of your love and affection.

You know that when you are getting engaged, you need the perfect rings for you and your partner. The same applies when considering renewing your vows anytime after marriage. From selecting a metal to choosing embellishments or engraving and purchasing diamond wedding bands can be quite a big deal.

In recent years, the rising demand for moissanite wedding bands has increased. People prefer moissanites due to their proven qualities surpassing those of mined diamonds. Diamonds flooded the jewelry market when people were not aware of moissanite. There is a strong liking and push for moissanite jewelry over other gemstones available in the market.

Everyone has personal taste when it comes to buying anything in the market. We always want nothing but the best, especially in terms of quality checks and cost-effectiveness. This is where moissanite beats all other gemstones out there in the industry, and for a reason, the popularity of this stone continues to grow each day.

Importance Of Wedding Bands In Marriage Culture

Wedding band sets are circular to fit the finger, but they have a symbolic meaning representing infinity, meaning it has no beginning and no end. It depicts eternal love between the partners; just like the band, it is a never-ending phenomenon.

Wedding rings or matching wedding bands symbolize a relationship’s eternal love and commitment. The emblem of love is exchanged between two people on their wedding day or while renewing their vows after the wedding. The vows comprise a promise to love each other no matter what and to be faithful and committed in a relationship forever.

As an outward sign of your commitment to one another, your wedding ring becomes an expression of the bond that you share. It’s a sparkling set of bragging rights signifying that you have publicly accepted and acknowledged your life partner.

Classic History Of Wedding Bands

One can trace the history of wedding rings back to ancient times. The Egyptians were the first to believe that the vein in the right finger directly connects to the heart. For this reason, they decided to use the finger to hold such sentimental value and considered wearing a band should always be worn closest to the heart.

The Greeks and Romans also adapted this tradition of wearing wedding rings. While there is some traceability back to where the tradition of wearing unique wedding bands began, it was hard to be sure what their exact meaning was.

In today’s world, wedding bands hold a universal meaning, but that doesn’t mean they cannot hold a special meaning for your relationship.

Types Of Moissanite Bands

Once you are adamant about buying a moissanite band, it’s time to pick your type. Bhumi Gems offer a wide range of outstanding and breathtaking collection of diamond wedding bands for women. Styles and variations are abundantly available; each style serves a different purpose and value. Let’s explore some of the most popular styles to choose from.

Matching Bands 


Matching Bands

Wedding rings designed with the same details as your engagement ring are considered matching wedding rings. They are usually designed with the same metal type. It becomes very obvious that the band can match any accents the engagement ring features. They make a uniform and symmetric pattern that, when both rings are worn together, creates an appearance of a perfect match.

Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands feature accent stones all around the entire shank of the band. This is one of the flashiest styles you can choose. Eternity bands are one of the most symbolic pieces that represent never-ending love and commitment throughout life. They are proven statement pieces of the best wedding bands universally.

Stackable Bands

Stackable Bands

Stackable bands are usually designed with a thin shank so that you can easily stack multiple bands together. Some brides today choose to stack thick and thin bands together to give it a voluminous look. You can keep adding new bands to your collection and mismatch them to fit your style at any moment. Eternity bands are commonly observed in a stack paired next to simple rings with dainty metal work.

Nesting Bands

Wedding rings such as round moissanite bands that hug the contours of an engagement ring are called nesting bands. These bands are often designed with a curve that will leave no gap between the two rings when worn next to the engagement ring. It allows your wedding set to fit more comfortably on your finger.

What To Look For In A Moissanite Wedding Band?

Here are some factors that you should know before you buy the best moissanite wedding ring:

  • Heating Enhancement Moissanite material in moissanite fine jewelry is stable and heat resistant that one can treat with heat to change its color. The variation options comprise light green, dark green, and colorless, but they can also be treated to any color of your choice.
  • Cut – Cut quality is vitally important for any gemstone, including moissanite. Maximum light has to go through the diamond and return back. Moissanite cut is specifically faceted to maximize the brilliance and create the most fire. Its high dispersion level makes it easily the best gemstone to cut and has immense fire. Cuts should be clean and minimal, and moissanite’s lack of fracture points permits precision cutting every time. Wedding bands for women with perfectly cut moissanite yield a sparkling and lively gem.
  • Clarity – Small inclusions can occur during the growing process of moissanite diamond. Moissanite is always flawless in appearance. It won’t have the inclusions that gather in several gemstones. In comparison, moissanite may be slight flaws that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
  • Carat Weight – Moissanites yield sparkling fire with good color, clarity, and cut. Most of the moissanite jewels used in jewelry are very good (VG). These moissanite gemstones are eye-clean with very slight inclusions comprising micro-pipes and faint crystals. High-end quality gemstones add fire and light to any setting.
  • Color – Nearly moissanite is colorless, with some of them having green, yellow, and grey hues. A premium quality moissanite is up to four whiter and brighter, enhancing its brilliance and brightness.
  • Don’t get too hooked up with the trend – A wedding band should always be a timeless, classic depiction of your love and romance that will last forever. So, the matter of the goal should be to find the diamond that is the perfect match for your persona or your partner’s persona.
  • Size should not be a matter – There should not be any extra overthinking about the size unless you think it’s important to you or your partner. The wedding band should be more of an extension of someone’s personal preferences. Sometimes that means intentionally opting out of extra bling.
  • Don’t hesitate to opt for the entirely unique band – It is becoming quite common for women to skip traditional diamond settings entirely these days. Rather they opt for something that is more personal, unique, and expected.

Planning an entire wedding can be extremely stressful. From choosing a venue to trendy cushion moissanite wedding bands there’s a lot to decide on before the ceremony. The growing trend of moissanite wedding bands is here to stay. Grab your favorite wedding rings from our exquisite collection today!

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