Complete Guide About Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Tradition: A Complete Guide to Love & Commitment

Complete Guide About Wedding Bands

Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Bands – The Essentials

Not every day do you want to get married to the partner of your dreams, and wedding bands are just right at the corner of your heart. Being an essential part of the wedding rituals, they will be with you and your beloved for the rest of their lives. The engagement rings tend to pay more attention to relationships and wedding jewelry, but one should not forget the wedding bands.

Wedding rings are a token of love and commitment in a married relationship, and they are one piece of jewelry you will wear all day, every day. The ritual of exchanging rings as a symbol of marriage heads back to the ancient culture. From fixing your budget to opting for a ring style and metal, finding a band that complements your existing engagement ring and a style that outshines you can be quite daunting. 

Some might still be in a dilemma with the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. An engagement ring is exchanged when a couple decides to get married or is given at a time of proposal. In contrast, a wedding band or matching wedding bands are reciprocated at the ongoing wedding ceremony. Although, both the ring and band are often worn together as a symbol of eternity and lifelong commitment.

You can also purchase an engagement ring and wedding band together, especially when you want to ensure that the two match and complement each other. Generally, the engagement ring will have one dominant gemstone set in a wide range of band styles. However, wedding bands are simpler in design, comprising a band with no center stone. Wedding bands can be as plain and simple as a minimal metal band or as detailed as a diamond wedding band.

Emerald Cut VVS1 Moissanite Wedding Ring

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: Do You Need Both?

Whether you opt for both engagement ring and wedding ring or only stick to the engagement ring is dependent on your personal choices. You can follow the traditional way and wear both, or choose to do it your way, making an alternative that suits your taste and persona better.

The timeless traditional combination includes an engagement ring and a wedding ring, usually an eye-pleasing ring next to a minimal elegant wedding band. Many, however, choose to wear just one ring that is chosen at the time of an engagement.

Opting for one ring also makes a better choice for some when it comes to budget factors. You and your partner can save money with a single purchase and rather put that money into choosing one engagement ring with a more carat size.

Make a choice that is most comfortable for you. Although the traditional way signifies wearing two rings, today’s popular trend is towards a single ring.

Blue 4 Stone Asccher Moissanite Ring

Wedding Ring – Styles & Stones

The wedding ring signifies the public commitment to the lifelong devotion that you have made for each other. Exchanging the ring states the mutual agreement to love and cherish each other for the rest of their life together. If you are wondering, What kind of wedding ring should you buy? There are a variety of alternatives, especially wedding bands for women.

Choosing the right size and gemstone for a ring can be difficult. Moissanite wedding bands are one such beautiful jewel. Moissanites are good substitutes for diamonds because they look alike in appearance, have some features in common, and are cost-effective.

Many brides consider the idea of gemstones such as moissanite to make their wedding ring unique. Also, one of the most important factors when choosing your band is what metal type to consider. You can also find the metal of your engagement ring and redesign the same for your wedding ring, as this will create a more coordinated look.

Moissanite is one of those gemstones that we keep on drooling. Couples these days choose moissanite diamond wedding bands as it has created wide popularity among generations in today’s modern world.

Wedding Band Metals

The most common choices for bands such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, palladium, and platinum are preferred over other metals. Most brides these days decide on the same metal used in their engagement rings for their wedding bands, but that is not mandatory. If you love experimenting with styles and colors, you can consider using a different type of metal band than your engagement selection. Another thing to keep in mind when deciding on the metal is that the ring is meant to stay with you forever and beyond, so always choose a stronger and more durable metal that is harder.

Elongated Cushion Colorless Moissanite Bridal Ring

Ways to find your perfect Wedding Bands

Is your wedding date coming closer? In such a case, you may be starting to panic and weigh your search for the rings that represent your personality and love for one another. Let’s explore a few tips to consider when purchasing moissanite rings, wedding bands, or wedding band sets for couples:

  • Always try to coordinate your wedding ring with that of an engagement ring, meaning consider choosing a matching metal type to give a cohesive and uniform look when paired together.
  • Always look for cost-effective alternatives other than conventional gemstones such as diamonds when fixing budgets. There are plenty of gems to choose from, such as wedding band moissanite will surely be a perfect pick.
  • Choosing the right size for your wedding ring is always advisable to make sure it is comfortable to wear and doesn’t slip off your finger.

Though Moissanite Diamond Jewelry is the best fit for any occasion, event, or cherishing memorable moments, with our wide collections and varieties, you now do not have to worry about shopping for the perfect wedding festivities jewelry. We have just made your shopping spree easy with our most curated and high-end designs. All you need to do is select the one that fits your persona!

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