Gift Ideas For Your Mother’s Birthday: Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite Jewelry – The Perfect Gift Idea For Your Mother

Gift Ideas For Your Mother’s Birthday: Moissanite Jewelry

Why Is Jewelry Considered An Ideal Gift?

Every woman loves Moissanite jewelry, which also rings true for your mother. How often have you seen your mom looking and craving that perfect fine jewelry? I guess the answer will be a lot of time! The trend of giving jewelry to a woman has been going on for ages. I mean, we all love, crave, and happily take it any day and every day!

Mothers are the epitome of humanity and goodness. She does so many things for us from early childhood until the very end. Now it’s time to make her feel special as well. If you are thinking about the ideal gift for her, you should give Moissanite Diamond Jewelry a real chance! The demand for Moissanite jewelry has increased over the past few years – and for a good reason. The eco-friendly gemstone is a blessing to your wallet, and its bright radiance is a blessing for your overall look. You can easily avoid a diamond’s astronomical price tag and still get the superior-quality jewelry that you would love. As per the CEO and President of Charles & Colvard, Don O’Connell, Moissanite is a socially responsible gem. He says that when you buy a Moissanite jewelry set, you do not give up on the gemstone’s clarity, color, or size. Since they are grown in labs, the stone’s quality is fabulous! It is available at a much lesser price without compromising the quality of the gemstone.

The only feature differentiating Moissanite jewelry from Diamond jewelry is the lustrous shine of the Moissanite gemstone. Regardless of the type of jewelry you buy for your mom – be it rings, earrings, bracelets, or fine jewelry, the gemstone’s shine will enchant her. The durability of the stone, with its 9.25 score on the Mohs scale, makes it as hard as a diamond.

Some Popular Moissanite Jewelry Ideas For Your Queen!

Bhumi Gems offers you some popular gift ideas that will make your mom feel like her queen. The designs are classic and trendy and will likely go with every outfit she wears. Let us check out some popular designs from our collection –

Green Cushion Halo Moissanite Rings

The lustrous color of the Green cushion halo ring is the latest Moissanite ring in our collection. Tiny diamonds surround the cushion halo cut, thus enhancing the look of the ring. The unique green color with its small diamonds amplifies the ring’s radiance, glow, and allure. The metal in which the ring is studded is available in yellow, white, and rose gold tones. You can choose any of the metals that suit your personality and requirement. We recommend the white metal tone as it complements the ring’s appearance. Tiny stones are handcrafted in the ring’s metal, making it look glamorous and charismatic.

Green Cushion Halo Moissanite Ring

Marquise Cut Moissanite Ring

The Marquise cut ring is our next popular choice among the best moissanite engagement rings. The most important benefit you get from a marquise cut is that it enhances the carat weight and gives the illusion of a larger stone. The extraordinary cut of this Moissanite jewelry gives it a touch of simplicity and class. Tiny round-shaped stones encircle the center gemstone, thus enhancing and amplifying its look.

Let me tell you about an interesting fact. The marquise cut originated in the 18th century in the French court of King Louis XV. Thus, they have a royal beginning. The stone’s cut is related to love and royalty, making it a perfect choice for your mother. Your mom is no less than a queen; she deserves everything excellent! Gifting her fabulous Moissanite jewelry like this will only intensify and boost her look and appearance.

Marquise Cut Moissanite Ring

Round Cut Moissanite Ring

The beautiful flower pattern of this round-cut Moissanite Ring is unique and distinctive. The three petals of this gorgeous ring are studded with high-quality, white, transparent Moissanite gemstones. According to recent research, 75 percent of all Moissanite jewelry sold are brilliant round cuts. The round cut of the stone exudes the most brilliant fire and radiance, thus upgrading any look or outfit. The ring is available in rose, white, or yellow gold metal tones.

Round Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Radiant Dark Green Moissanite Earrings.

The radiant cut in Moissanite jewelry is a relatively new design. The gorgeous color of the earring with its unique cut will bring a new twist to your otherwise drab outfit. Tiny moissanite stone encircles the center stone, thereby enhancing its look. Without earrings, every outfit seems incomplete and boring. Our collection of Moissanite jewelry will make your mom look like the gorgeous lady she is!

You now know why we think Radiant cut Moissanite jewelry is perfect for your mom!

The metal tone is available in yellow, rose, or white gold, carefully studded with precious stones to add that touch of grace and sophistication to the earring. Even the popular celebrity Jennifer Aniston was wearing a radiant cut ring on her finger.

Radiant Dark Green VVS1 Clarity

Round Colorless Moissanite Bracelet

Bracelets are the most popular form of ornament among women. They are very affordable, cost-effective, and look similar to diamond bracelets added with a sophisticated and charismatic look. Anyone who wants to amp up her boring outfit with a graceful touch longs to wear a bracelet. Few can afford to buy a diamond bracelet so you can choose our moissanite bracelet.

Whether it’s a brunch look or a night party look, you can easily wear this minimalistic yet classy bracelet to enhance an outfit’s appearance. The bracelet is made of round, colorless ten-carat stone, which looks extraordinarily stunning and spectacular. It is available in white, yellow, and rose gold though we personally recommend the white metal tone for the bracelet. White gold is the recent trend in the jewelry industry and compliments every outfit or dress you wear.

Round Colorless Diamond Moissanite Bracelet
Round Colorless Diamond Moissanite Bracelet

There are many options available to gift your mom, but none can compare to the charm and authenticity of Moissanite jewelry. Also, you can check out our website for more such stunning collections of Moissanite jewelry for your lovely mom!

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