Here are the facts about Moissanite diamonds

Fascinating Facts About Moissanite Diamonds

Quick Introduction To Moissanite Diamonds

The endless shine that a Moissanite Diamond is known for has become the latest incorporation and an addition to the Diamond Industry worldwide. They have incarnation of lavish yet classic touch to the statement piece: engagement rings for couples, moissanite diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, bridal sets, ornaments, and fine jewelry.

Although Moissanite has been quite a trend in the traditional diamond industry, it is precisely and similar to a Diamond. It rarely in a rare, occurring mineral found beneath the Earth, which is so scarce that it cannot be found in enough quantity to carve it into a one-carat.

Moissanite is a natural form of Silicon Carbide, which is known to be found around the stars, and hence we can say that it originated from a meteor. Dr. Henry Moissan originally unearthed Moissanite from a meteor crater in Arizona. He mistakenly thought Moissanite to be a diamond, but later, he recognized the mineral as a moissanite diamond – a pure beauty of a gemstone, a form of silicon carbide. Furthermore, they are extremely rare in nature. It was not possible to carve natural Moissanite into a fine ornament. That was when the need to produce moissanite diamonds in laboratories came into existence.

The crystal-clear atomic structure of Moissanite is clenched together with strong covalent bonds that are very close to that of Diamond. Though Moissanite and diamond have very different formation records and histories, they still have so much in common. Moissanite Earrings was incorporated and brought to the jewelry market as a replacement for a diamond in the early 90s. Moreover, it has some far more brilliant optical properties than a naturally occurring diamond found under the Earth’s surface.

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Moissanite Diamonds Are The Hardest Known Substance

the Mohs scale is used To measure the hardness of the elements. On the Mohs scale, the moissanite diamonds weigh 9.25 while making it a little less hard than its exception, i.e., Diamond weighing 10, making it the hardest Substance. The scale works with 1 being the softest to 10 being the hardest element. Putting it simply- the larger the element on the scale, the harder it is. Also, the harder an element is, it is uneasy to break or scratch.

While compared with the other known minerals, the Moissanite is the absolute hardest Substance known apart from a Diamond.

Moissanite Diamonds Are Durable

Since Moissanite are hard, weighing 9.25 on a Mohs scale means they are less likely to slit, break or scratch; therefore can be easily used in day-to-day life wear. Moreover, it can be a perfect fit and option for an engagement ring for a couple as the rings are to be worn daily. Since engagement rings are themselves a language of love, emotions, and feelings, moissanite diamond gives it that touch of everyday wear. Due to its magnificent durable nature, they attribute their fame to engagement rings.

Moissanite Diamonds – Its Brilliance

Moissanite inhabits a different brilliance level than a diamond as their bisecting patterns differ. These bisecting patterns permit Moissanite to reflect and refract more light than a diamond. The fiery, rainbow shine that it releases is extremely loved and adored by some. The fire in the Moissanite can be identified and noticed with the bigger size of the gem. A different level of brilliance sets Moissanite apart from a diamond. This property of fire and brilliance makes it stand out individually in today’s diamond industry.  

Moissanite Diamonds – Color & Clarity

Though a diamond is colorless, it has no evidence of yellow or grayish color, therefore, showcasing its natural white look. Moissanite is not completely colorless; they project some visible colors such as yellow, gray, or green tints when exposed to certain lights. Also, the larger the Moissanite, the more visible the color will be. However, the color may differ from colorless to color tints.

Since Moissanite is made in laboratories, the clarity intensity is much higher than naturally occurring diamonds. Generally, they are not sold until they receive a high clarity assessment. Therefore, it will be hard to find imperfections and flaws in moissanite diamonds.

Moissanite Diamonds Are Truly Cost-Effective

Moissanites specifically differ in prices depending on the shapes and styles. Similar to the appearance of a diamond, Moissanite still comes with a half value of that of a diamond. They are super affordable and reasonable in terms of pricing but still have a powerful look and feel to give you an expensive touch. Suppose you are on a tight budget but still want to purchase a luxurious piece of beauty, then moissanite diamonds are made for you. Compared to a diamond, Moissanite is fiercely lower in price, even when you opt for the same size as the gem.

Moissanite Diamonds – Its Rarity

Moissanite, which is a naturally occurring element under Earth’s surface, is very rare in nature. Silicon Carbide, which is found in stars, gave rise to this glamorous beauty that is now known to us as Moissanite diamonds. They are so scarce in the natural environment that one cannot even pull 1 carat of the diamond from the bowels of Earth. Therefore, making it even rarer than the existence of a diamond itself. Given the fact that this Moissanite we observe in the diamond industry today is all produced in human-controlled laboratories.

Moissanite diamonds also have super heat-resistant properties. Due to its high heat resistance, it can survive paramount temperatures. Also, they are less prone to heat damage while ornament repair processes. Moissanite fine jewelry is an ecologically sound choice as they are produced in a man-made laboratory proving they are a more sustainable option to prefer.

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