Buying Moissanite Engagement Ring: How Much Should You Spend?

Buying moissanite engagement ring How Much Should You Spend


A Realistic Guide to Buying Moissanite Engagement Ring

The first and foremost thing for every person looking to purchase an engagement ring is to develop a budget. Setting a budget in advance will always guide all of your decisions going forward, and it’s essential to have a handle on how much you are looking to spend.

We agree that it’s a tricky question and a decision, but don’t worry because you are not alone, and many out there struggle with the same problem. Not getting around the fact that a ring does matter, along with your lady’s expectations. Let’s mention some of the reasons why is a moissanite engagement ring important.

  • An engagement ring symbolizes love, commitment, and devotion forever. It is a way to express that you are invested in a shared future.
  • Many ladies already have their dream ring in mind for their big day, down to style, diamond cut, setting, shape, and more. So, it would be a big disappointment to buy a ring that is not exactly what she desires.
  • For women, it will be the single most vital piece of jewelry they would be adorning daily. Therefore, it is natural that she wants something that makes her happy to look at and flex her dream ring.
  • Most women are reasonable; they will love and appreciate that their partners made an effort to find the perfect ring. Most women do not want to bankrupt you with unreasonable expectations.

Myths Associated With Moissanite Engagement Ring

1. The three-month salary rules

You might have probably heard the three-month salary rule, which means you should spend three months of your gross income on an engagement ring. This has been a most common and outdated engagement ring myth. Because of the advancement of technology in the industry, moissanite diamonds coming into play not costing an arm and a leg.

One should not be spending over a month’s salary on the ring while you can still retain the size and quality of the stone you have in mind, with loose moissanite diamonds as the best alternative.

2. Do not focus on the average engagement ring cost

Do not feel pressured into buying a ring you cannot afford. Ignore the one/two/three-month salary rule or focus on the average spent on an engagement ring. Instead it is always a good idea to have a basis for comparison but always finalize on a budget you have set for a ring that she will love.

3. Create your own rules instead

The best way to figure this out is to ensure you and your partner have an honest conversation about the finances and expectations. Discussing the moissanite engagement ring may not be romantic, but it is essential. If you are going to spend a life together, you should be on the same page about topics like this.

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Here are some factors that you will want to consider as you determine how much to spend on an engagement ring:

  • Financial Circumstances

How many months of your salary you should spend on an engagement ring is totally your decision, not the marketing department’s, because you know your beloved’s needs and style better than anyone else.

Set your budget well in advance before anything with respect to other factors that come to your mind. Determine your current financial condition to portray what you can afford.

  • Understand your partner’s expectations

A moissanite engagement ring will represent your love, commitment, and efforts throughout life, so the ring you decide on does indeed matter. Choosing a ring that meets your partner’s expectations is equally important, so have a conversation to better understand how you feel about spending money on jewelry.

  • It doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful & meaningful

The bigger size of the ring that you purchase doesn’t equate to the size of your love. Choosing an expensive ring will not describe the meaning of your love. Therefore, the thoughtfulness and effort you put into curating a ring for your ladylove will be noticed, no matter your budget or the size of the diamond.

  • Pick the engagement ring together

Couples these days prefer to choose the engagement ring together. Many women want to be involved in the ring selection process because shopping together is a perfect way to be certain that she gets the ring they will love and adore.

  • Other Important Factors

When it comes to ring expectations, there are other important considerations, such as the shape of a diamond your partner desires, the color of the jewelry setting, the type of setting that matches their persona, or how often they will wear the ring.

Engagement rings are among the most important purchases in a person’s life. You will definitely want your partner to love it, but you would want your pocket to love it, too, right? Find the best moissanite wedding jewelry from Bhumi Gems that are more affordable and at a pocket-friendly cost. Check out our collection today and gift her the dreamy proposal of her life.

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