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Attract the dazzling Moissanite bridal set for your beloved!

Planning to give something innovative and unique to your girlfriend? A moissanite bridal set is a perfect option for you to give as a present to your better half. Bhumi Gems presents you with a collection of moissanite bridal sets with some unique and exemplary styles. Our collection will show our dazzling and shining creative work. Moissanite bridal set is less costly when compared to real diamonds and will be within your means. 

When you choose our moissanite bridal set, you do not have to forgo the exuberant color, clarity, or gemstone quality. Although the gemstone is less-priced, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the gemstone. Our budget-friendly vintage moissanite bridal set is of the finest quality and superior condition. Our lab grown moissanite bridal set will make you feel good about wearing a socially responsible gemstone. Regarded as a gift from the stars, the debut of the moissanite as an ornament has revolutionized the jewelry industry. Do you not want to spend thousands of bucks on the diamond and still want to wear something shiny and luxurious? Moissanite bridal set should be your go-to collection to impress your soon-to-be bride and gift her the bridal set of her dreams!

Types of moissanite bridal set rings

Our collection of moissanite bridal sets is available in various textures and styles. You need to choose according to the desires of your better half, and you are good to go for your proposal. Let us check out some of the most popular designs of moissanite bridal set rings!

1.20TCW Moissanite rings bridal set

The nature of this moissanite bridal set is extraordinary since the brand name is Bhumi Gems. This handmade moissanite ring with a band is perfect for bridal and Affordable moissanite wedding bands. The gemstone used in the ring is moissanite which is round and colorless. The moissanite used in the ring is of superior quality, and the tone of the metal is red, yellow, and gold. The bridal set made of moissanite is your asset for a lifetime which you can give as a gift to someone special.

2.46TCW Moissanite marquise bridal set

Our moissanite marquise bridal set is round in shape and will serve as a perfect gift for your beloved. This colorless, transparent stone is of superior quality. Our moissanite marquise bridal set weighing two carats is waiting for you to grab for your soon-to-be bride. The beautiful and alluring style of the moissanite bridal set will surely bring a smile to your beloved's face. Shine like a diamond and keep the sparkle throughout your life after having this spectacular bridal set. A moissanite bridal set has a brilliant fire and appears very glamorous compared to diamonds.

2.98TCW Princess Cut Moissanite Bridal Ring set

Moissanite set for bridals in princess cut will help you express your love in the grandest manner possible. This antique piece in princess cut looks very exquisite and sophisticated in design. This bridal set made of moissanite will make you steal all the limelight that you deserve. The Princess Colorless Moissanite Bridal Ring Set is perfect for any bride who wants to wear something unique and extraordinary. The distinctive texture and style of the bridal set will add a million-dollar shine to your wedding. The superior quality of the gemstone, coupled with the extraordinary shine of the stone, will make you feel like a queen.

5CT Emerald cut moissanite wedding ring set

The emerald-cut bridal set made of moissanite has a brilliant round cut weighing five carats. This emerald-cut ring set's polished and sophisticated design will give you a unique style. No hard metal is used to make this ring, and it is completely transparent and colorless. The emerald-cut bridal set made of moissanite is very durable and is famous for its long life. Generally, moissanite is less stiff and hard when compared to diamonds. Moissanite is a rare gemstone, and gifting something so rare and sparse will make your girlfriend feel very special. Choose Moissanite Diamond Earrings.

How can you maintain the shine of your Moissanite Bridal Set? 

The durability and the brilliant shine of moissanite are well-known. The availability of so many varieties of a bridal set made of moissanite spoils you with choices. However, it is vital to take care of your gemstone so that it does not lose its sparkle due to the build-up of dirt and dust. Moissanite gemstones will never get cloudy. But it can lose its shine and sparkle due to the build-up residue. One can resolve the issue of residue build-up if you clean your gemstone at regular intervals. The best way to clean any stone, including moissanite, is using warm water and mild soap.

A moissanite "oil slick" is cleaned using silver polish and a toothbrush. 'Oil slick' appears like a stain on the gemstone's surface due to the growth of organic residue in the stone. Using silver polish and a toothbrush will not damage your gemstone but will do a great job in keeping your stone slick free. Also, make sure that you keep your moissanite jewelry away from other jewelry pieces to avoid any wear and tear.         

A bridal set made of moissanite looks charming, appealing, and alluring. Moissanite gemstones will help you express your love for your girlfriend in the most romantic way possible. The brilliant shine, radiance, and attractiveness of moissanite gemstones will give you a very glamorous look. The eco-friendly and sustainable nature of moissanite is an added benefit that you get apart from its high durability and authenticity. The elegant, well-crafted moissanite engagement rings set can easily be passed down as a family heirloom. Budget-friendly price coupled with exceptional aesthetics and wearability makes a Find The Perfect Moissanite Diamond Bridal Set a perfect gift for your beloved.