Choose The Correct Shape

Choose The Shape Of The Moissanite Diamond For The Type Of Jewelry That You Plan On Customizing It. For Instance, A Round Stone Will Look Appropriate On An Engagement Ring While A Square Stone Will Look Excellent On A Pendant.

Choosing The Carat Weight

Deciding On A Carat Size Will Depend On How Big Or Small You Want Your Moissanite To Be. As A General Rule Of Thumb, One-Third Of An Engagement Ring Should Be Covered By A Center Stone Made Of Moissanite, Which Is About 100 Milligrams Or 0.1 Ounces.

Take Your Budget Into Consideration

CaptionMoissanite Diamonds Are Cost-Effective And Will Not Put A Dent In Your Wallet. However, If You Have A Comparatively Lower Budget, Go For Small Moissanite Stones. The Cut And Size Of The Stone Determine Its Price.

Consider The Quality Of The Cut

The Cut Quality Of The Moissanite Affects Its Buying And Selling. When You Purchase A Good Quality Cut Stone, It Helps You Get The Brilliant Sparkle You Need In Your Loose Moissanite Stone. The Fire, Scintillation, And Brilliance Of The Stone Depends On The ‘Cut’ Of The Gemstone.

Select The Moissanite Stone As Per Your Hand Size

If You Are Planning For A Moissanite Engagement Ring, Select The Gemstone As Per Your Hand Size. If You Have Smaller Stones, Go For Small Stones. If You Have Large Hands, You Can Easily Choose Large Stones As They Will Look Proportional.

Choosing The Right Color Stone

When It Comes To Loose Moissanite Gemstones, There Is An Availability Of A Wide Variety Of Colors. Make Sure You Make No Mistakes While Choosing The Perfect Color For You And Your Fiancée. The Most Popular Color In This Gemstone Is White And Blue.

Talk To An Expert

Investing In Loose Moissanite Diamonds Can Be A Big Decision And You Obviously Do Not Want To Make Any Mistakes. Talk To An Expert In This Field Regarding Your Confusion And Doubts. An Expert Consultant Will Clearly Help You Know The Various Options Available To You.

Choose The Best Shape For Loose Moissanite Diamonds