Is moissanite diamond an authentic diamond

Moissanite is not a real diamond. However, it has the most uncanny resemblance to diamonds. The physical and chemical properties of moissanite and diamond are different. In spite of the differences, moissanite is also the second hardest stone in the world after diamond.

When measured on the Mohs scale (used by professional gemologists to measure any gemstone’s hardness), the moissanite range comes at 9.25 whereas the diamond comes at 10. Thus, you can see that there is a minute difference between these two gemstones when it comes to durability and strength. They can easily withstand everyday wear and tear and are also scratch-resistant. It is also one of the primary reasons why most couples prefer to go for moissanite rather than diamond. With moissanite, they can do away with the astronomical price tag of diamonds and also get the benefit of high durability and strength.

Moreover, the most interesting part about moissanite diamond is it has a higher refractive index compared to diamond. Having a high refractive index means it actually has more sparkle and fire exactly resembling a rainbow of flashes. Additionally, there is a threefold difference between diamond and moissanite in terms of dispersion rate. Therefore, being a high-dispersion gemstone, moissanite under the same cutting procedure and sunlight tends to emit a dazzling luster than a diamond.

Moissanite is a precious gem that is slightly lower in hardness but better in dispersion and refractive index than a diamond.


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